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Why QR Code Managers Are the Way to Go – And Why You Should Use One Instead of a QR Code Generator

Ever since the invention of QR codes back in 1994, the technology has been continuously evolving and perfecting itself. Its purpose remains intact; to access digital content instantly by scanning the code with a QR code reader installed on a mobile device. But its features have been expanded thanks to its continued support, providing a broader selection of options. More so, QR codes can be generated by anyone. Simply search “QR code generator” and create. It’s as easy as that; no engineering degree required. But what if you want more out of your QR codes? Well then, seek no further: the QR Code Manager is here.

We’ve already tackled the difference between Static QR codes and Dynamic QR codes. In this article, will be studying what makes a QR code manager better and more robust than its predecessor.

What is a QR Code Generator?

Also known as QR code maker or QR code creator, a QR code generator “generates” QR codes. Duh… With it, you can generate static QR codes. Static means that once you choose where the QR code redirects to, there’s no turning back. Its application can be justified when users have no access to the Internet, though nowadays this scenario is quite improbable.

There are countless QR code makers for you to choose from. There’s even a Google QR code generator available at Google’s URL shortening service.

Aside from creating a static QR code, that pretty much sums up what a QR code generator can do. As you can see, it has its limits. That is why you may want to opt into a QR code manager. But what else can it do exactly?

What is a QR Code Manager?

While picking a QR code maker puts you on the right track, choosing to use a QR code manager will allow you to have more flexibility and control. Here’s a quick rundown of its common features:

  • Generate unlimited dynamic QR codes
  • Fully customizable QR codes
  • Create mobile page templates
  • QR code management
  • White label URL masking
  • Retrieval of QR codes’ statistics

QR Code Manager
Now that that’s been taken care of, let’s dive in deeper and see what makes a QR code manager special:

1. Generate unlimited dynamic QR codes

Static QR codes are a thing of the past. Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are the ones you’ll want to use. They allow you to change the content as many times as you want. Link your QR code to a vCard, then to your social media profile, later to a YouTube video and so on. This also means that you won’t have to reprint it. It’s a cost effective choice, all in all. At, we allow users to generate unlimited dynamic QR codes with no limit to the number of scans it can have. Now, what begs to be answered is what you can link to your QR code. Take your pick:

  • Website (URL): Connect your QR code to a website of your choosing.
  • Mobile page: Create your own mobile page. Insert your content, modify it, add images, videos, links and more. Ideal for people to access your resume.
  • vCard: The electronic business card. Store your contact information (first and last name, phone number, email, address). When people scan your QR code, the information will be instantly added to their digital address book.
  • Download file: Upload a file (MP3, MOV, PDF) of up to 5 MB for people to download to their mobile devices after scanning your QR code.
  • Map: Insert a full address for people to locate your company or store via Google Maps.
  • YouTube: Have people watch a YouTube video by scanning your QR code. Ideal for video tutorials or music clips.
  • Social share: Connect either your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts to your QR code for people to follow you. Get likes, tweets and +1’s by enabling the widget of your chosen social network.
  • PayPal: Allow customers to transfer money to your PayPal account with their mobile devices. Receive payments and donations easily, directly through your QR code.
  • Apps: Connect your QR code to your app’s URL addresses. People will be redirected to the app store that matches their mobile devices (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows).

2. Fully customizable QR codes

Clients and customers have to have a reason to scan your QR code. The content linked to it has to enticing and unique. But that’s just a part of the equation; make your QR code stand out by beautifying it! With a QR code manager you’ll be able to customize your code by changing its color scheme, stylizing its look, adding your logo and/or a background image, and more. It’s your choice! By doing this, your QR code won’t just be the usual black and white crossword puzzle next to your graphic design. It will become an integral part of it.
Check these examples out!

After designing your QR code, you can download it as a raster image file (PNG) to place the code on a website, or a vector one (SVG, EPS, PDF) to have the best printing quality. You can fine tune the code before doing the latter so that it accommodates to your graphic design. Note: always test your QR code before printing it to avoid scanning problems!

How to customize a QR Code

3. Create mobile page templates

One of the many options you can choose from to link to your QR codes is a custom made mobile page. Not only can you insert your own content but you can also customize the entire look of it. Adding images, changing the font’s color and size, set links, and more. Also, you can create templates so that multiple QR codes can share the same mobile page design.

The importance of using a QR code that links to a mobile page is that you won’t have to worry about hosting the content of the page since it’s stored within the QR code manager. Your wallet will sure appreciate this 🙂

4. QR code management

With the ability to generate unlimited QR codes, you may want to keep them all in check or else it’ll be a disaster. That’s why a QR code manager is so important. It offers the possibility to sort out your QR codes in different projects and give access to specific users to manage them. This is a must have requirement when dealing with multiple clients in the same QR account, and at you can do just that.

Speaking of clients, a QR code manager can also grant you the rights use its platform with your own (sub)domain via…

5. White label URL masking

Finally, there is the question as to how to make this all about you and your company. By introducing the unique functionality to setup your own (sub)domain as a White Label URL, you can take complete control of a QR code manager. You can set your own name and logo. In layman’s terms, instead of reading the URL “”, users will read “http://MYCOMPANY/qrcodename”!

How to create a Project

This feature opens up a debate regarding third party developers: whether or not the service they provide can withstand the test of time. With white label URL masking, you can rest assured that the platform will remain intact.

6. Retrieval of QR codes’ statistics

It is not possible to know how well your QR codes are performing without having access to statistics. It helps to make sure that you are getting to your targeted audience and get a better understanding of the overall trend you are in. With a QR code manager you will be able to retrieve all the data you need in order to improve your marketing strategy and ROI.

You can sort the information over the course of a week, a month, a year; get results on how many times the QR code was scanned on a particular mobile device or browser; filter by user’s age, gender or country, and more.

By studying the evolution of your marketing campaign, you will understand your visitors’ behavior, knowing if it’s time to change the call-to-action or content of your QR code. There’s also the added connectivity to a Google Analytics account that will boost the recovery of all your QR codes’ real-time statistics.

It’s up to you!

With all this said and done, it is quite obvious that QR code managers hugely surpass generators in terms of the sheer amount of features you can use and have access to. Are you still into a generator’s sole static QR code, or are you ready for more of everything with a QR code manager? Give it a try!

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