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Save time having your QR codes under watch. Find in one place all the functionalities that you need to improve your QR code Campaigns conversions. Redirect your QR codes to new contents, perform batch actions, design your QR codes, and more.
Save time having your QR codes under watch. Find in one place all the functionalities that you need to improve your QR code Campaigns conversions. Redirect your QR codes to new contents, perform batch actions, design your QR codes, and more.
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Boost audience engagement using the ultimate interactive marketing tool: QR codes!

Create, manage and track dynamic QR codes with

Connect with your customers using Dynamic QR codes

  • Create

    Create editable QR codes that you can use more than once. Change the content your QR codes link to any time you need. Never worry about making a mistake and having to reprint your codes.
  • Design

    Add your brand’s logo and colors to your codes, give them a gradient, add your brand’s name to the short URL, alter the shape of your codes and personalize your landing pages. The more unique you can make them, the more scans you get.
  • Track

    Dig into all the valuable data gives you, like the number of scans, the number of new scans, places and days visitors scanned your codes, demographic information about your guests and the devices they use to scan your codes. Need more? Connect your Google Analytics account.
  • Tweak

    Use this treasure trove of data to improve your campaigns. Add new items to your campaigns, drop what’s not working, try some A/B testing, and make your QR code campaigns hustle for you. QR code success is just a click away!
Find everything you need to create and manage a highly successful QR code campaign all in one place. Design your QR codes, brand them, create unique landing pages, edit your QR code content when necessary, and perform bulk actions for easy workflow.

The key is to have a clear and concise call to action. Let your target audience know why they should scan your code and what will happen when scanning it.

In this case, since it is a WhatsApp QR code, add something next to it along the lines of “Scan the code and chat with us on WhatsApp.” This will clarify the purpose of the QR code and instill trust in your organization.

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Edit and reuse your QR codes as many times as you want reprinting your marketing material. It’s a real money saver. Export your codes as SVG, EPS, PNG & PDF files.
Connect visitors to the content that matches their operating system. iOS users connect to the Apple App Store, and Android Users connect to Google Play, all from the same QR code!
Save time and improve workflow by creating dynamic QR codes in bulk with .CVS files. Design custom landing page and QR code templates in bulk and perform other high-volume actions.
Display a quick branded message for your visitors before they’re redirected to your content. Or turn it off and take them directly to your QR code’s destination.
See when, where and how many times visitors scanned your QR code and what device and operating system they used. Connect your Google Analytics account and export PDF or Excel reports.
Personalize your QR code’s short URLs by including your brand name and use your brand’s website domain for the main URL. So many branding opportunities!
Easily brand your QR codes with your logo and brand colors. Add a color gradient, change the shape of its internal elements and make it entirely your own to increase scans.
Create, manage, design, and update QR codes and landing pages quickly and efficiently. Download reports, add team members, and manage their permissions all from one convenient place.
Connect your QR codes to any online content: unique mobile pages, file downloads, vCards, Google Maps, PayPal, Whatsapp, App stores, social platforms. Connect your codes to Google Analytics for even more insights.

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QR = Quick Response.

A visitor scans the code, and it quickly connects them to your content. The entire process happens in seconds.

Technically, they are a type of barcode that contains encrypted information. A QR code scanner “translates” the data into something a human can read.

QR code generator = the “factory” that makes the QR codes.

A QR code generator is a software that generates QR codes and the templates used to customize them.

Most QR code generators will also create landing pages and templates to customize those, too.

They also generate short URLs that you can use even without your codes.

The best QR code generators provide:
  • Dynamic QR codes.
  • QR code analytics.
  • Bulk QR code creation and editing.
  • Numerous types of QR codes to create.
  • Customization for QR codes and landing pages.
  • Options to download QR codes in different formats.
  • A professional organization with project and team management.

Good QR code generators are easy to use.

It only takes minutes to create your first QR code with
  • Create a free account. (No credit card required!)
  • Click “Create QR code”
  • Choose the type of QR code you want to create.
  • Fill out the necessary information for that type of QR code.
That’s it. You have created a basic black and white QR code that you can start using immediately. Way to go! But, wait! There’s more! You can create QR code and landing page templates to alter the look of your codes and landing pages.
  • Click the “Design” button and choose either:
    • QR code design
    • Landing page template
  • Customize your design however you like and use the template for one QR code/landing page, one project, or your entire account.
QR codes have a million-and-one purpose. The only limit to what you can do with QR codes is your imagination. At, we provide you with several types of QR codes to choose from. Here are just some of the types of QR codes we offer:


Link a QR code to your website to increase visitors and promote your brand.

Mobile page

Create a completely customized mobile web page that hosts. Add any amount of text, photos, GIFs, links, YouTube videos, and more. Use it for any type of content.

Google Maps

Draw visitors right to your doorstep with a Google Maps QR code. They’re great for new businesses or one-off events. Never worry about folks not being able to find you!


A vCard (or virtual business card) connected to a QR code makes networking fast and easy.’s bulk QR code creation means you can create a vCard for everyone in your organization at the same time.

Download file

Give a large number of fans and followers a quick and easy way to download a file with one simple scan. Give them access to PDFs, MP3s, MP4s, JPGs, and more. This is a fantastic way to share product manuals, songs, short videos, and anything else you can fit in a file up to 5MB.

YouTube video

Grow your YouTube channel, give customers a demonstration, show off your latest movie or game trailer and see those view numbers skyrocket. Link your QR code to a specific video or your entire channel. Change the video your QR code links to by changing the URL. Simple.

Social Media

Watch your follower numbers take a giant leap with a Social Links QR code. This type of code links to a landing page with all of your social media accounts listed. Visitors can choose the ones they want to follow. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!


Make it easy for guests to pay you, whether they’re buying something from your business or donating to your charity. A PayPal QR code links to your PayPal account so your followers can pay you in a snap … or should we say a scan?


Connect a single QR code to all the stores you have apps in. The code detects the operating system the person is using and takes them to the appropriate stores. So, it takes iOS users to the Apple App Store and Android users to Google Play. That’s one smart QR code!
Creating QR codes is just the first step! With a dynamic QR code generator like, you can create multiple projects and then create multiple QR codes within each of your projects. Design and implement templates for your QR codes and landing pages. Make all your QR codes in each project look unique, or give all your QR codes and landing pages in your account the same aesthetic. It’s up to you. Add team members to your account and assign them to the projects they are involved with. Have complete control over what team members can see and do for each project. Connect your Google Analytics account to your codes for even better analysis. Export all your QR code data into convenient PDF or Excel reports and share them with your whole team. Edit QR codes when necessary without having to reprint material. So much awesomeness!

We couldn’t possibly list all the ways to use these fabulous little codes, so here are just a handful of ways you can use them:


Probably the No. 1 way QR codes are used today.

  • Create promo campaigns
  • Distribute coupons and instant codes
  • Link to your book trailer
  • Promote your special gluten-free menu
  • Connect listeners with your podcast
  • Get more eyes on your video blog

Place QR codes on:

  • Your printed marketing materials
  • Your product’s packaging
  • Wine bottles
  • Milk cartons
  • Pizza delivery boxes
  • Receipts
  • And anything else you can think of!

Have a well-defined strategy with goals and export your QR codes’ data to share with your team. Brainstorm ways to refine your campaigns so you can reach your QR code marketing goals.

Use clear calls-to-action and make sure your QR codes add value to customers’ lives.

Nothing is stopping you!


Teachers love QR codes!

In the classroom, QR codes can be used for:

  • Linking to exams
  • Introducing new lessons
  • Providing new information
  • Keeping track of library books and school material
  • Providing access to information for parents (by sending kids home with a note with a scannable QR code on it)

Students will love this new way of learning.


Quite a few games already use QR codes to create more viral and engaging stories.

QR codes in games can help create new adventures, provide players with special offers to entice them into buying discounted objects, or help them through the game with strategically positioned clues.

Anything is possible!

Virtually all phones have a QR code reader bundled with the camera app. Simply find the setting that turns on the automatic QR code reader, and whenever you point your phone at a QR code with your camera on, it will automatically detect and scan the QR code.

Older phones and certain types of phones might not have a QR code reader bundled in with their camera apps. But, that’s okay! You can easily find free QR code readers available for download from your preferred app store.

Just point, scan, and enjoy!

Are you ready to start using QR codes?

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