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QR Codes With Logo

Attract your audience with a custom QR Code design. Create QRs you can easily track and recycle with our battle-tested dynamic QR generator with a logo. Est. 2009.

Generate a dynamic
QR Code to gain valuable insights

Edit the type of your QR & change its destination at any time. All
while getting priceless insights from scans tracking & analytics.

Mistake proof


No need to worry about mistyped info or wrong links anymore. Fix typos in a snap and make your QR work properly again.

Easy to update

Easy to update

Your page moved to a different URL? Do you have a new coupon to share? A fresh video? Just change where your QR points to.

Eco friendly


Never waste paper – and good money! – anymore on reprinting your materials because you have to replace the QR Codes.

Dynamic QR Codes in a nutshell

Learn why dynamic QRs beat the static ones in 2 minutes.

Increase your visits with a custom QR Code design with the logo of your brand

Your QR codes in your own style and download them in the format you need.

Track your QR Code scans with amazing analytics

Discover how people interact with your QRs with our real-time QR Code tracking platform. Or connect your Analytics account if you prefer Google trackable QR Codes.

Make your own dynamic QR Codes in 3 simple steps

Discover the ultimate online QR Code generator for QR rockstars

Whether you want to send visitors to your website or social platforms, create digital business cards, drive people to your location, increase the downloads of your app, or make a digital menu for your customers, we've got you covered!

Get an epic mobile landing page for your QR Codes

A dedicated web page, packed with rich content and optimized for mobile devices, is usually the most effective destination for visitors who scan your QR Codes. On you can quickly build your custom mobile pages with text, images, videos, and links. No coding skills are required – but you can play around with HTML and CSS if you want. Oh, and we host your mobile pages with no additional costs! Just focus on the things that matter the most 😉.

Dog training
website QR Code

vCard QR Code

Share your business card with just a scan. You can share all your contact details with a vCard QR, including your job title and social accounts.

File download

Website QR Code

Send your visitors directly to an existing online resource. If it’s a URL, you can connect it to a QR Code.

QR Code for websites 2

File download QR Code

You can add any type of file: PDF, JPG, MOV, MP3, XLS, you name it! When someone scans the QR, they immediately download the file to their phone.

Digital menu

Give access to all your menus through a single QR Code using any smartphone. Upload multiple PDF menus to cover your entire offer.

Social media

List all your platforms conveniently in one place. Share your updates and win more fans and followers.


Start a one-to-one conversation with your visitors instantly. Manage requests, accept orders, and book appointments on the go.

App download

Redirect visitors to the right app store based on their phone’s operating system. Improve your results and onboard more users.


Trigger a YouTube video that automatically plays when someone scans your QR Code. Collect more views and engage your visitors better.

Google Maps

Provide reliable directions that lead people to your doorstep. Drive people to your premises and promote places and events.

Covid form

Create a Covid-free area with a touchless contact tracing form available through a QR Code. Compliant with the WHO guidelines.


Share promo and discounts with customers and prospects with a single scan. Skyrocket sales and collect new leads.

Google Reviews

Collect feedback and ratings on your business in real time. Turn your happy customers into the most effective influencers.

Serving over 103,194,914 QR Code scans and counting since 2009

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies and over 350,000 brands worldwide.

The proven business QR Code generator built for your growth needs

Bulk QR Code generator

Generate a large number of similar QR Codes all at the same time, with a single action. It's the magical solution for business cards at big companies, mass product packaging, catalogs, marketing promotions, and much more.

QR Code generator API

We offer both static and dynamic QR Code APIs to generate massive amounts of Codes outside our platform (think QRs on tickets or coupons), automate QR creation with custom design and logo, and update their content all at once.

Custom domain

With our white label option, you can completely mask the system-generated short URL attached to your QRs and make it look like it comes from your domain: The ultimate branding solution that also reassures your visitors.

Personalized short URLs

You can also edit the last part of your QR Codes' short URL: It's perfect for marketing campaigns, product entries in a catalog, seasonal menus, team member profiles, events in a public program, you name it!

SSO (Single-Sign-On) login

Enterprise users on can set up SSO (Single-Sign-On) login. SSO allows businesses to provide secure credentials to members of the organization to access their account without compromising security.

Team collaboration

Add users to your account and assign them to one or more campaigns. Allow team members from different departments to manage specific projects, keeping everything tidy and under control. Admins can change users' privileges at any time.

Questions? Ask
the QR experts!

Our top-rated support team is always available to help you with everything QR codes via live chat or email.

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How QR Codes are used across all industries

Head Labels Stickers 2


By incorporating QR Codes into their sales and marketing strategy, retailers convert window shoppers into paying customers.

Flyer hero


Restaurants and bars use QR Codes to draw people in, make sure they’ve enjoyed their experience, and then turn them into regular customers.

Hero Books


Schools and universities transform typical classrooms into multi-dimensional learning environments with the help of dynamic QR Codes.

FoodPackaging hero

Consumer goods

Dynamic QR Codes on packaging help products stand out and boost customer retention – whether textiles, food and beverages, or electronics.


Real estate

Real estate agencies use QR Codes to give their clients a view into the home or the commercial property of their dreams.



Publishing houses innovate how readers interact with them and improve sales by sharing book trailers, events and much more via QR Codes.

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The 1st QR Code generator online built to make your business unstoppable with dynamic QR Codes

Easily create, manage, and track your dynamic QR Codes with

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