Easy Taxi uses QR codes via uQR.me

Easy Taxi uses QR codes via uQR.me

Chances are you’ve at least been once in your life under heavy rain, soaking for centuries trying to get a cab and none seem to appear, as if they were all sucked into a vortex of nonexistence. You instantly get mad, and more so if you happen to have a broken umbrella… That sucks.

Well, welcome 21st century, right? Because now, more and more cab companies are starting to become aware of these issues (not only rain, but schedules and time constraints) and they want to make sure that they are always available to provide a better service for their passengers.

Easy Taxi is one example. By scanning their QR code, generated via uQR.me, you get free and instant access to get a cab and in a matter of minutes it’ll be there, ready to take you to your destination. Easy Taxi works in more than 30 countries and over 150 cities; I doubt you won’t be able to use it.

Also, you can choose from a variety of cabs depending on what kind of luggage you’re carrying, if you’re going to the airport, for instance. And paying for it has never been easier. You can do so via PayPal or credit card (Jackpot if they would incorporate CurrentC, a QR code payment system).

QR codes keep surprising. Recently, Antwerp got a hold of uQR.me’s QR codes and used them for their public transportation scheduling systems, thus becoming a Smart City. With East Taxi using QR codes as well, could be facing the birth of the Smart Cab age? Only time will tell…

Lucas Gingles is uQR.me’s Community Manager, Personal Account Assistant and Jedi Knight… Well, he loves Star Wars. Directing plays and short films are his alter ego professions.


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