Fenosa uses QR codes for its heaters

Fenosa uses QR codes for its heaters

QR Codes at customer’s service. Nothing better than having immediate access to contact information through your smartphone when you need it the most.

In this case, the natural gas company Fenosa, multinational leader in the energy sector and a pioneer in the integration of gas and electricity, has joined forces with Proximity Barcelona, a multidisciplinary advertising agency with more than 80 professionals, to promote customer loyalty through QR codes on their gas installations so users can access the service immediately.

Being gas operated appliances, assistance in case of a leak and lack of supply is vital. Therefore, Fenosa’s idea of incorporating QR codes to their equipments is brilliant. With a simple scan you can access your contact information, or access their various departments.
Cases like these help establish QR codes as useful and creative tools to help and assist.

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