Dynamic QR codes and Google Analytics

Dynamic QR codes and Google Analytics

Who wants to track QR code visits?

One of the greatest advantages of dynamic QR codes over static codes, is that its visits can be measured easily.

Your QR code Premium Campaigns stats within your Google Analytics dashboard.

Good news! From today, uQR.me Campaigns users will be able to insert their Google Analytics own codes on their uQR.me dynamic QR codes. This new feature will give to uQR.me QR code generator users with this Premium plan, a complete super detailed analysis of the scans to their QRs.

If you are familiar with Google Analytics tools, you will find this new uQR.me feature an absolute MUST HAVE.

Connecting dynamic QR codes to Google Analytics

Once you are logged in to your uQR.me Campaigns profile, go to your stats dashboard and paste in the Google Analytics field, your Google Analytics ID. It will look like this: UA-XXXXXX-X, where the “X” will be numbers.

To know more about Premium Campaigns, click here.

Some of the statistics that you will find on your Google Analytics dashboard:

Google Analytics QR code statistics

How can I create an account on Google Analytics to connect my codes with it?

To create a Google Analytics profile, click here. You will be prompted to create an account. Once you are logged in, create a New Property and full fill the form with your information. Click Get tracking ID and in that moment they will show you a code similar to UA-XXXXX-X. Copy that code and save that profile. Go back to your uQR.me Campaigns QR code, click on Statistics and paste the code you’ve got from Google Analytics. It’s done! That QR will start pulling stats from any visit it will receive.

But if you are not familiar with Google Analytics tools and you feel like this is really complicated, don’t worry. This QR code generator will display the most important information of your stats, right on your profile dashboard.

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  1. Geoff McMahen 7 years ago

    The addition of Google Analytics is incredible.

    • Author
      Diego 7 years ago

      Thanks Geoff. We are really working hard to improve every day uQR.me 🙂

  2. Kim 6 years ago

    This is new to me, so bear with my question if it is stupid: will the free dynamic version of your QR code work with Google Analytics?

    • Irene 6 years ago

      Hi Kim, Google Analytics connection is only available to Campaigns users.

  3. Sebastian 6 years ago

    Is it possible to have a dynamic response based on the location of the person scanning the code? E.g. we want to use the same code for all our markets but launching promotions just in specific markets. So if a person in market A scans the code they can participate in the promotion and a person in market B, where there is no promotion right now, just gets a simple fallback response.

    thanks in advance.

    • Mauro Casula 6 years ago

      Hi Sebastian!
      The best way to do that is to have a QR code for each market.

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