QR Redirecting and Landing Page as you want it

QR Redirecting and Landing Page as you want it

Customize your Redirecting Page (bridge) and Landing Page (Leaf)

Whoever scans your dynamic QR code will be directed to your Bridge before taking them to your landing page or mobile landing page. The Bridge will give you a chance to briefly share your logo, banner or image with text to your users. You can use it to present a brand/product, a sale offer or whatever you like.

You can switch out our logo for yours and cutomize the Bridge, with the colors and images you prefer. You can graphically adjust it to your Leaf on uQRme, giving consistency to your contents.

NEW! You can now remove the redirecting page! (only available to Campaigns users)


  1. lola 7 years ago


    What is the correct size to background images, i try with diferent sizes and i have the same error: File size error.


    • Gastón 7 years ago

      Hi lola!
      Try with less than 300k.


  2. Ben 7 years ago

    can the wording of the phrase "We are bridging to requested QRlink" be changed? also the text, "If you're not redirected…" and the button, "CLICK HERE"?

    • Irene 7 years ago

      Hi Ben,
      It will be possible to modify it in the next weeks!

    • Alex 7 years ago

      Ben, we are happy to let you know that now it's possible to REMOVE the redirecting page, so users will go right to your content without redirecting delays.


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