Dynamic QR codes at the Pepsi Music Festival

Dynamic QR codes at the Pepsi Music Festival

Who else but uQRme to enhance Pepsi’s Music Festival? With extra interactions and virtual signage, the smartest QR code generator and management platform around, set up uQRme-powered QR codes at Pepsi Music in Buenos Aires allowing people to share their experience on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with the “Share” utility. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Katy Perry and Primal Scream were some of the incredible acts at Pepsi Music and fans didn’t miss a beat thanks to uQRme’s live update of the events calendar.

QR code at Pepsi Music

Both codes were customized via the uQRme Beautifier, a groundbreaking tool exclusively available to uQRme users. The uQRme team also designed all branded content and mobile pages required for a perfectly rockin’ user experience.

uQRme was the natural choice for Pepsi as a partner in this effort, since it’s the first and most advanced QR-centered community in the world. It’s where BIG players come together.


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