How Dynamic QR Codes Make Your Marketing More Effective

Dynamic QR codes put your business right into your audience’s pocket.

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QR codes make your marketing mobile

We will look at

  • How they link the digital and physical worlds.
  • How they can be used to receive info from customers.
  • How they are more affordable than other internet-of-things (IOT) options.
  • How they can be connected to any type of digital content.
  • How they can be customized.
  • How their information can be tracked.
  • How major organizations are using them.

Dynamic QR codes provide an affordable, editable, customizable and trackable way to make your business more accessible for customers. The initial buzz may have worn off, but that’s because QR codes have gone from novelty to necessity for businesses ranging from large corporations to small mom and pop shops.

Let’s go over how these funny looking little squares can be a boon for your business.

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Let’s jump in!

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A physical link to the digital world

Think of a QR code as a square URL. They give customers access to a piece of content on the internet from wherever they happen to see the code. It could be a poster or a sticker posted somewhere in the physical world, but it instantly takes them to a website, vCard, YouTube video, customized Google map or some other piece of content online

Customers simply scan the code with their ever-present phones and they’re immediately taken to the content. It’s the internet-of-things come to life.

Dynamic QR codes can be a two-way street

You know QR codes are a convenient way to provide information to customers, but did you also know that they can be used to receive information from customers? 

Connect your dynamic QR code to a survey or some other form where customers can give you their feedback on products and services. Customers love when you listen to them and this is another way of fortifying that important customer/business relationship while getting some valuable information.

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Dynamic QR codes are your affordable IOT option

Connecting the physical and digital worlds together to form the internet-of-things has been a goal of many businesses for years now.

And while things like augmented reality (AR) and near field communication (NFC) devices provide this connection, they are expensive and difficult to manage because they have a lot of different pieces to them and they rely primarily on the users to work.

Enter dynamic QR codes.

They are:

Easy to create


Simple to repurpose

Magic wand

Effortless to track


Obviously affordable

Whether you want one QR code or a thousand QR codes, it’s inexpensive to register to a QR code generator and purchase a plan.

And unlike those single-use coffee cups millions of people toss out everyday, Dynamic QR codes are completely reusable. You can change their content whenever you need to without having to reprint them. 

For example, you can have a QR code created and printed on a poster to help advertise that you hold events. The QR code’s information can be updated whenever you have a new event so the code always takes people to the information for your upcoming event, no matter when it is.

The savings in printing costs alone is worth it.

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The world has caught up to dynamic QR codes

QR codes are a normal part of life now. (People even get them as tattoos.) They’re almost as ubiquitous as bar codes and virtually every phone has a built-in QR code reader now. People have the ability to easily scan them and that means they have the ability to gain easy access to your company information, no matter where they are and no matter what information you want to give them.

Dynamic QR codes can deliver any type of digital content

QR codes can be linked to any type of online digital content, like:


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White paper? User manual? Mp3 of cats meowing your company’s jingle? Whatever the downloadable file (up to 5 MB), connecting a QR code to it will help bump up downloads.



Electronic business cards are just as useful (maybe even more useful) than their physical counterparts. Link your QR code to your electronic business card and customers can directly save it to their address books.



Link your QR code to a Google map to show people where to find your physical store. This is amazing for brick and mortar shops for pointing people to their locations and getting them through the door.



Link your QR code to a specific YouTube video or an entire YouTube channel. This is extremely valuable if you are a YouTube personality who is looking for more viewers. (And who isn’t looking for more viewers on YouTube, right?)

Mobile Page feature

Mobile page

A mobile landing page specific to your QR code can bump up your conversions big time. You don’t need to worry about hosting it or having any coding knowledge. takes care of everything.


Social page

Link your QR code to a fan page or your official social network page and get those valuable likes, follows and comments that show how you love to engage with your audience.


Website URLs

Your website is like your virtual storefront. Take people right up to your “front door” with a QR code from If you have content in different languages or content that is meant for specific regions, assign them to your QR code and people will be taken to that specific language or content when they scan the code assigned to that language or region-specific content.



Link your QR code to all the app stores so the code can “read” what type of phone is scanning it and take the person to the right app store! So, iPhone users are taken to the App Store, Android users are taken to Google Play and BlackBerry users are taken to … just kidding. Nobody uses BlackBerry anymore.

Paypal donations


Link your QR code to a PayPal account to receive donations or payments.


And don’t forget that dynamic QR codes are reusable because you can change where they link to! That means you don’t have to reprint your material. Cost savings! If your blog moves to a new URL or you want to change your coupon offer or you’ve recorded a newer version of your how-to video or your vCard information has changed, you can simply change where the QR code points to.

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You can customize your dynamic QR codes

You love to put your logo on things, right? Of course you do! All businesses love to brand things and you can brand QR codes. Add your logo, create them with your brand’s colors or change the patterns to something super eye-catching. Creating your own custom QR codes will snag the attention of your targeted audience and boost your brand identity. Can you say win-win?!

You can track and measure dynamic QR code statistics

Marketing campaigns are useless if you can’t track them to see how well they’ve performed. Fortunately, dynamic QR codes are completely trackable, meaning they register the date, location and type of device used to scan them in real time so you can see the impact of your marketing and adjust things as necessary.

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Fantastic dynamic QR code marketing campaigns examples

These are just a handful of examples of some of the amazing marketing campaigns we’ve seen with dynamic QR codes:

Tesco logo

Tesco’s Home Plus Supermarket

Tesco’s in Korea placed lifelike billboards depicting supermarket shelves in the subway and shoppers waiting for their trains could scan the QR codes, check out online, and get their groceries delivered to them at home.

JCPenney logo

JCPenny’s Santa Tags

These dynamic QR codes allowed customers to personalize holiday gifts with a specially recorded message from the gift giver.

Columbia logo

Columbia Sportswear

To cut down on the amount of packaging they were using, Columbia encouraged shoppers to reuse boxes by adding dynamic QR codes to them. Customers could scan the code and see where their boxes had been along with photos and comments about their box’s “journey.”

University of Gloucestershire Library logo


The Florida State Law Library uses QR codes in book stacks to link to related electronic resources, for expanded research. The University of Gloucestershire Library in the United Kingdom prints QR codes in all its books that link to the renewal system so book borrowers don’t have to go to the library to renew a book.

L'Oreal logo

L’Oreal and Glamour

For Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, L’Oreal and Glamour turned a fleet of taxis into roving shops using dynamic QR codes. Riders could buy products right there in the cabs. A third of passengers scanned the codes and of those, a quarter made a purchase. 90% of the scanners also downloaded the L’Oreal mobile app.

Macys logo


Macy’s department stores use dynamic QR codes on their clothing signage that gives customers fashion tips on the clothes they are buying while also upselling them other items to go with what they’ve already purchased.

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Major organizations use dynamic QR codes

Let’s look at how some major organizations are using their dynamic QR codes so you can get inspired.

Dynamic QR codes are the ultimate mobile marketing tool

With their affordability, customizability, reusability and trackability, dynamic QR codes are a must-have tool for any small, medium or large business to communicate with their audience and increase engagement. 

From their humble beginnings as funny looking little squares to their place as an internet staple, QR codes are not only here to stay, they are a crucial part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

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How to scan a QR code

Ready to use dynamic QR codes?

Now that you know how amazing dynamic QR codes really are, let’s see how we can help your business grow with a customizable and trackable dynamic QR code from our QR code generator

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