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What’s better than QR code statistics on one QR code campaign? QR code statistics on ALL the QR code campaigns! What’s better than getting old QR code scan statistics? Having statistics that update constantly! Now, how would you like that ALL QR code statistics be delivered on your desktop, tablet or mobile device? Here’s how it works…

“The idea is to share with marketers what’s happening right now with QR code statistics and devices across the world,” states Diego Gopen, CEO at “This online app will trigger everyday fresh stats, from millions of QR code visitors worldwide. Now it’s also possible to retrieve stats for the last 7 days AND 30 days!”

“This is a view into what’s going on in the world of QR codes,” continues Gopen, “and which are the best targets to focus on when talking about QR code campaigns, what are their interests, genders, mobile devices, etc.”

Apply multiple filters to collect QR code statistics through our massive database with millions of QR code mobile visitors worldwide. Retrieve in-depth live statistics for your QR code mobile marketing campaign (gender and Interests are not available from 2010 to 2012).

You get the options of filtering by country, year, sex (gender), age and even what device was used for scanning the QR codes. If these QR code statistics are used BEFORE planning your QR code campaign, you can properly target your demographics for maximum engagement. Now all it takes is making sure the QR code used in placed at the proper size and placement for easy scanning (size and placement are the biggest roadblocks for QR code scanning).

Diego continues with what this tool can do for marketing. “We believe it will help marketers to achieve their mobile conversion goals, not only regarding to QR code campaigns, but to mobile marketing in general.”

QR code statistics

This QR code statistics generator is the first and best app of its kind to hit the QR code market. Of course, the best thing is — it’s free! Check it out HERE!

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