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Track QR Code Success with Awesome Analytics

Track QR Code Success with Awesome Analytics

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Improve your marketing campaigns with QR code data.

Tracking and measuring QR codes

Dynamic QR codes tell you the following statistics:

  • When they were scanned.
  • Where they were scanned.
  • How many times they were scanned.
    What type of operating system scanned them.
  • Age and gender of individuals who’ve scanned them (in some cases.)

They collect this information through the shortened URLs that are embedded into the codes. The information is available to you in real time, meaning it’s always up to date.

Why analytics are important

Knowing this data will enable you to adjust your marketing and informational campaigns.

For example, let’s say you mailed out a flyer with a QR code to five different cities in your region. A week later, you could check the data on that code to see how many recipients scanned the code, when they scanned it and where they scanned it.

If you see that one of the cities has very few scans, you may decide to leave that city out of your next round of flyer mail outs to save some money. Or, if you see that one of the towns has double the amount of scans of all the others, you could increase your marketing efforts there because you know that you have a growing audience in that location.

QR code insights image

Here is a quick rundown of all the information that is collected:

Unique scans and total scans.

scan is simply when someone scans the code.

unique scan is when a new visitor scans the code on that particular day. (If the same person scans the code on another day, that will be counted as a unique scan.)

Here is an example with Person A and Person B, both of whom have never scanned the code before.

  1. Person A scans your code one time on Monday:

    • 1 unique scan
    • 1 scan

    Person A scans your code a second time on Monday:

    • 1 unique scan
    • 2 scans
  2. Person B scans your code on Monday:

    • 2 unique scans
    • 3 scans
  3. Person A scans your code a third time on Monday:

    • 2 unique scans
    • 4 scans
  4. Person B scans your code again on Tuesday.

Total stats:
3 unique scans
5 scans

Monday stats:
2 unique scans
4 scans

Tuesday stats:
1 unique scan
1 scan

QR code statistics

This tells you that on Monday, two new people scanned your code and between them, they scanned it four times. (Three times by one person and one time by the other person in this example.)

And on Tuesday, one new person (for that day) scanned your code. In our example, it is one of the people from Monday, but their scan counts as a unique one on Tuesday.

Even if one new person scans your code 100 times, that will only count as one unique scan and 100 total scans.


The statistical data collected by a QR code image

If 100 different people scan your code, but only one of those people has never scanned it before on that day, that will also count as one unique scan and 100 total scans.

The unique scans are only the new visitors who scan your code on a particular day. Total scans are all the visitors who have scanned your code. 

This tracking data is available on all of’s plans and it is crucial to identify new customers from recurring ones.


Known as daily analytics, this information tells you how many times your QR codes were scanned on a given date via a chart that shows their progress. This can be good for tracking multi-day events or marketing campaigns that last several days.


This data shows the number of scans in different countries and cities. It lets you determine which locations your marketing is working and which locations you need to change your strategy.

Scanner age and gender

If the person scanning the code has their phone connected to a Google account and that account is set to public, you will have access to data like their age and gender (provided they’ve filled in this information on their account). 

This data can help you identify trends and demographics that respond to your QR code.

Mobile devices, operating systems and browsers

This data shows you what mobile devices, operating systems and browsers your target audience is using to scan your code and view your content. 

You can use this info to help shape campaigns geared toward specific systems or browsers.’s tracking and measuring capabilities

With the QR code generator, you can not only view these statistics but also filter the information by date.

Downloadable reports give you the data of a single QR code or an entire project. This is highly useful information for tracking your campaign’s progress over a period of time.

Finally, if you have a Google Analytics ID, you can connect it to your account to access even more ways to view tracking data of your QR codes.

Improving your QR code campaigns

Having all this tracking data at your fingertips means you will be able to gauge your campaign’s strengths and weaknesses in real time and make adjustments.

If you’re not getting many scans, you can try a stronger call-to-action (CTA). If you are getting more scans in one place than another, you can try something new in the place where you are not getting many scans. If you see your scans spike on Tuesdays, you will know that it is an ideal day to target your audience.

Your code’s tracking information is as powerful as the code itself. Use it to tweak your campaigns, try new things and see what works best for your QR code marketing.

  • Give them a reason to interact with your brand. (Call-to-Action)
  • Give them a way to interact with your brand. (QR code)
  • Reap the rewards. (Higher sales, more visibility, increased engagement, etc.)

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