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MORE QR Code Uses You Should Consider

There are still the nay-sayers about QR codes, but most are those who haven’t tried them, or used them incorrectly. The uses for QR codes are still boundless! We’ve covered some great uses before, but here’s even more uses you may have not considered.

Packaging and QR codes

Ever buy Sea Monkeys from an ad in a comic book? Thousands of kids were depressed beyond therapy when they received the package in the mail. That shaped a few generations of consumers to mistrust product packaging. Gain trust by using a QR code, linked to a video that shows the product in use!

That code will help your sales over competitors as well as building product loyalty. You can also use a code to give customers helpful tips on how to best use the product.

Selling Music and Videos

Are you a small indie band? Maybe you can’t get a contract with a major label, but that doesn’t mean you can’t climb the ladder to fame and build a loyal fan base. By generating a QR code, you can allow music lovers to visit a video or audio file of one of your songs. When people like one tune, they are more likely to buy a CD.

Linking to a video also gives you a chance to build a mailing list so you can build a bigger fan base! A QR code can also lead fans to concert dates, new songs, another CD or any news you care to share with followers.

Another example, are the guys at OnlineMusic. They are promoting their AudioJungle for-sale-music-loop files through QRs.

OnlineMusic sticker with QR code

Greeting Cards

Nobody sends greeting cards anymore… which is why they work so well as direct mail pieces! Add a QR code inside that links to a video for extra sales UMPH! It’s a message people won’t ignore.

T-shirts with QR codes

Yes, these have been a proven marketing method. At large events, companies that place QR codes on T-shirts report a huge response. If the shirt is cool enough, people will wear them long after an event, keeping your QR code out there for continued response!

Rooftop QR Code

With Google Earth taking satellite photos of every inch of the planet, why not shove a QR code under people’s nose? Paint your rooftop with a giant QR code and let people who Google your business location be able to learn more by scanning your code.

QR code uses are limited only by your imagination and the knowledge of how they can work for scanning and the information consumers can get from the links the code provides. So don’t miss out on the link between print and digital information. QR code usage IS increasing, so don’t trust the negative press, coming from people who just didn’t use them correctly.

Great articles on QR code uses:

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