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QR code uses, which one is the best for you?

QR codes offer many advantages. However, only a few companies take advantage of their benefits. In this post we will be talking about the QR code uses, so you can figure out which is the best usage of the QR code for you and your company.

Consumers usually complain of the lack of information to use QR codes or to know how to apply them to marketing campaigns. That is why from we want to show you different ideas and cases studies so you can learn how to get the power of QR codes and start using them to your benefit.

Today, we will be reviewing the QR code uses for business, marketing and much more, but let’s answer a few questions beforehand.

What are QR codes?

QR codes are also known as quick response codes, that is, they are two-dimensional bar codes capable of storing large amounts of information. QR codes are images that we can scan with the camera of our smartphone or tablet to visualize the digital information that it contains inside.

How are QR codes used?

Being images that must be scanned, you must have installed any of the different applications that are available for both the Android operating system as iOS. To read a QR code you just have to open the application, focus the camera to the code, and ready! There is no need to take a picture or press a button because the application will automatically recognize any QR code that approaches with your mobile camera. The app will work as a code reader that will show the user all the information it contains, and thus facilitate access to its immediate content way.

What information to use in QR codes?

  • Promotions and discounts: you can insert a link that directs the user to a discount coupon to use it in the purchase of a product determined, or in any of our products.
  • Videos: You can share YouTube videos with the purpose to explain the use of a product or provide useful content.
  • Downloads: the download of applications or PDF files is another alternative that we will allow to deliver to customers, such as offering a manual to eat healthier.
  • Contact information: you can also add information such as address, location in google maps, telephone, email, web page, social networks.
  • Wifi Access: One of the most outstanding characteristics for its use is to include a password to access the wi network of our business so that customers can use.

QR code uses: Marketing

Using QR codes as a tool for marketing we can combine online marketing and the traditional marketing because we can increase the reach of our brand offering exclusive content or discounts to potential customers.

There are multiple ways you can implement QR codes in your marketing campaigns, as in Brochures and flyers, Merchandising, Product packaging and much more.

Also, there is the possibility to create QR promo campaigns to launch a startup, web, or business and QR codes can be beneficial and a cheap option to make it possible.

QR code uses for your business

Besides using marketing as a powerful tool to promote your business, you can also use QR codes for your business itself. How? By creating unique and creative resources to help you find clients. For example, you can design a creative Business card using beautified QR codes. You can also insert a QR code into your resume to add some extra value and get your prospective clients or boss curious.

QR code uses: more possibilities

QR codes have unlimited uses; they can help more than business or marketers, here are some other different uses to take advantage of QR codes:

Finishing up

QR codes offer numerous advantages and benefits to our businesses; we can personalize them and place them in strategic spots both in the online and physical world. They work! And you can start creating your own right here with our QR code generator tool.

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