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QR Codes and Bitcoins For New Startups

Some say that if you want to see the latest trends in technology and communication, look at kids for the answers. It used to be look at Japanese kids, but there’s a couple of American youth that know their technology and use it to their best business advantage. Will they be the next internet billionaires?

Near the tech giants of San Francisco, in Noe Valley, two young ladies have set up a service industry shop named, “Mia & Taylor’s Coffee Shoppe.” The unique approach they have is to bring items to the public where most needed… on the local street corner. It is also reported to be the first “brick and mortar” business to accept bitcoins.

The two young ladies, unidentified due to them being really young (nine or ten years old, I’d say) just took the age-old lemonade stand and expanded the menu, then used available technology to accept all payments.

Girls, bitcoins and QR codes

The income from their first day of business was $70 in bitcoins, some of that being “tips.” How many businesses can claim such sales activity on their first day?

A cute story, but it beacons for us to pay attention to what is happening and how we can see an actual example of marketing research. These little entrepreneurs have supplied tens of thousands of dollars of marketing insight. How does the public interact with bitcoin via a QR code link.

It’s not odd for one piece of technology to tie itself so closely to another. Often one app is made to compliment an existing program. For bitcoin, the action has been exciting and volatile. Banks are getting in on the action, as well as other establishments that accept payments for services or products. Of course, if you want to look at youth for a sign of the future, the Winkelvoss twins long ago set up a bitcoin investment trust. If they thought up Facebook, as some claim and others don’t, they might just be worth watching?

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