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How QR codes are fighting Coronavirus

QR codes and health

In December 2019, a new type of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, began spreading in Wuhan, China. Today, the epidemic has spread to multiple countries, with over 450,000 cases and over 20,000 deaths worldwide. The outbreak has affected the economy as well. Measures are being put in place on a global scale to prevent, treat, and cure the disease. Good news comes from the World Health Organization, stating that “most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment”. For more information on symptoms and prevention, please consult their site here.

The coronavirus is definitely a cause for alarm. The world has been shaken by it. But it also brings forth an opportunity to reflect on what we can do to help those in need. And with the power of QR codes, help is just one scan away. Let’s go over some uses of QR codes for health care and medical purposes:

Alipay Health Code

Starting with the current coronavirus outbreak, a system that uses colored QR codes was introduced in China to determine the number of people that are in quarantine. These QR codes show the person’s travel history, time spent abroad and if there were close connections to people who could have been exposed to the virus or not. This system could also be implemented in other countries. In Italy, for example, people have to get a paper from the police that certifies their status. With colored QR codes, they could have that information displayed instantly if they need to go out in search of provisions or medications. It is a technological way of ensuring good citizen circulation.

Uma Health AI

Uma Health is a system that allows patients to get in touch with doctors instantly by scanning a QR code. The program is based in Argentina. Doctors can create an account and manage their workflow from the app itself. A QR code is generated which can then be scanned by patients to start a WhatsApp chat with a doctor. Patients can ask for medical attention and even home consultation.

QR codes for the elderly

Third-age youngsters need special care and attention. More so if they have a medical condition or a pathology that requires immediate treatment. QR codes can store clinical history as well as contact information in case of an emergency. If someone finds someone in need, he or she can scan the QR code to access said information instantly. Of course, this use isn’t solely destined for the elderly, as we’ll see next.

QR codes for the elderly in case of an emergency

QR codes for clinical history

Hospitals can use QR codes as well to improve the clerical aspect of treating someone. Each patient can have a QR code that holds their clinical history for easy readability. Furthermore, the information can be updated to show recent studies, improvements, and concerns if using dynamic QR codes.

QR codes for health-care videos

Having QR codes linked to YouTube videos that show how to prevent diseases with easy-to-follow guidelines is a must for any medical organization. They can also be used to teach patients about health care in general or as an institutional video of a hospital’s infrastructure, equipment, and treatment capabilities.

QR codes for medical appointments

Some patients tend to forget what they were supposed to bring to a doctor’s office or even the date. That is why using a QR code to a PDF, for example, is a great way to remind them when they are scheduled, as well as the documentation needed.

Remind your patients when they are scheduled, as well as the documentation needed

QR codes for business information

With QR codes, you don’t need a dedicated website to promote your medical work experience. You can use a Mobile page QR code, which allows you to create an amazing mobile landing page. You can insert text, links, images, and more, without having to learn about coding or programming. Plus, since we are dealing with dynamic QR codes, you can update the mobile page whenever needed.

QR codes for product information

Pharmacies and pharmaceutical industries use QR codes for products descriptions or even logistics tracking. You can link a QR code to a medical inventory or to a specific product, detailing its origin, date of expiration, medication instructions, and more.

QR codes for drug authentication

The fight against counterfeit medicine is an ongoing one. Over the years, specialists have developed and implemented different ways to ensure that the drugs they provide are authentic. One such method comes in the form of QR codes. Since each QR code is unique, they are complicated to replicate. By using QR codes, your patients will rest assured that the medicine they are taking is legit. As a side note, China has developed ingestible QR codes to authenticate drugs; they are engraved on capsules.

Show that your medicine is legit using QR codes

QR codes for direct consults

Hospitals or particular doctors that offer telephone assistance, can find great support with QR codes. QR codes can help your patients make a medical consultation or call in case of an emergency via Whatsapp. By adding a Whatsapp QR code to your printed materials, people will have instant access to chat with you in no time.

QR codes for multiple health centers

Medical organizations that operate in different countries have different means to contact them. That is why using a Multi-country links QR code is a great option. Upon scanning one, the person who does so will be redirected instantly to the corresponding content that matches his or her current location. Multi-country links QR codes are a great tool to keep your content updated with a location-based feature. If you operate in different countries, having the right link to each language is a must.

QR codes for health insurance companies

Health insurance companies work with many doctors consultations around the world. Having a proper QR code like to Multi-country links, allows these companies to insert the links of each associate partner based on the location of the user scanning.

QR codes for service feedback

It is essential to know how well your services are helping those in need. By linking a QR code to a Google review of your medical center, patients and people, in general, will be able to provide valuable feedback and engage with you to improve your procedures, treatments, and more.

QR codes for medical equipment

The assembly of medical equipment, such as dental chairs or MRI machines, requires skill and precision. Since they will be used to treat patients, it is only logical to provide detailed instructions to put them together. Having a QR code printed on them that links to a how-to YouTube video will help technicians understand how the equipment works while saving precious time. These QR codes can also contain instructions for doctors who will be using the equipment itself.

How-to YouTube videos about the equipment for technicians and doctors

QR codes to the rescue

All the examples listed above prove one thing in regards to QR codes: they are useful tools by themselves, but the context in which they are used truly defines their real power. Dynamic QR codes can have their content changed or updated without having to reprint them. They can also be fully customized, and their statistical data can be tracked and measured. More so, they can be easily accessed by any smartphone since the majority of them already have built-in scanning capabilities.

These features alone make them unique. But the key to unlocking their full potential is: how they are being used and for what purpose. QR codes most common environment is mobile marketing. However, using the technology to help when in times of crisis, is one more reason why QR codes are the number one link that connects the digital and the physical world together. As well as each of us. More so considering that QR codes can be scanned at a distance. is here to help

In regards to, we are aware of how the COVID-19 continues to impact people, businesses and communities all around the World, and our hearts go out to everyone directly or indirectly affected by the virus. We heartily wish our customers and the entire global community health and safety.

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