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QR codes are now Pincodes on Pinterest

For those who are living under a rock and don’t know what Pinterest is, I have to tell you that you are missing out a lot of traffic, especially if you run a business, blog or any online publication. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin or cork board that allows users to find and curate images and videos. It’s basically a visual search engine where people can discover, share and collect online publications, photos and videos. Businesses are starting to use Pinterest more and more lately thanks to the exposure it brings to their products.

But what this has to do with QR codes, you might think. Well, a lot. Pinterest ruled out a new feature last year that creates its own QR codes, which they have name Pincodes.

Pincodes work similar to QR codes. When you find a Pincode on Pinterest, you can scan it using the Pinterest app and see pins, boards, and other ideas related to that code.

What to do with a Pincode:

  1. Open the Pinterest app on your phone
  2. Click on your Pinterest camera.
  3. Direct your phone at the Pincode, and you will be instantly directed to Pins, boards, profiles and other ideas on Pinterest.

Pincodes can also be used to follow fellow Pinterest users. Each user has a unique Pincode, accessible via their Pinterest profile. All you have to do is to share it to make it easier for others to add you to their contact list.

Why it is important that Pinterest uses QR codes?

Pinterest is a big platform that is looking for new ways to create engagement between users and brands, and if they are building their unique QR codes, don’t you think is something worth trying on your own business? Even if you have a small business, a blog or a boutique, implementing QR codes can be useful and can also bring you higher engagement and discovery.

You don’t have to create your own QR codes, you can use a QR code generator, like the one we offer at and start pointing those QR codes to your products, articles or services. Remember that there are endless ways to use QR codes, you just have to have a robust strategy behind them.

How can I make my QR code like Pinterest does?

You will only need two steps to start creating your QR codes: register on our website to start your free trial and click generate a QR code.

There is no need to create a boring square- shaped block, unleash your creativity and create a beautiful QR code with the help of our QR code generator.

Remember that you can add images and your logo on the QR code, personalize it as you want and make sure it is easy on the eye. People will be pleased with your designs and will see what they are just out of curiosity.

Customizing your QR code

Follow these steps to create a beautiful QR code, forget about the black and white square, there is so much more to see:

  • Click Manage project,
  • Click the QR code template within Templates
  • Click the plus icon
  • Give your QR code template a name.

If you choose a basic plan, you will get the basics tools which include:

  • Apply the QR code template to a project, or to the entire account,
  • select the QR code’s error correction (L, M, Q or H),
  • choose the color of the QR code/canvas, and
  • add a logo or image (SVG, PNG, JPG or GIF).

On the other hand, if you have subscribed to the PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE plan, there is a higher customization option that you can see by selecting Advanced tools from the drop-down menu. They include:

  • Apply a color gradient to the QR code,
  • choose the color and shape of the QR code’s timing patterns (the 3 big squares), and
  • select the shape of the QR code’s body.

Remember that you can add images and your logo on the QR code, personalize it as you want and make sure it is easy on the eye. People will be pleased with your designs and will see what they are just out of curiosity.


Pinterest has created a new outlet for QR codes and its impulsing its use in the online business world. You can do the same, eliminating the more significant cost of building a team of your own to develop your unique QR codes. There are tons of QR code generator out there, we offer you a wide range of options to help you create beautiful and useful QR codes that will help you achieve different objectives based on your goals and strategies.

Stay tuned to learn about more ideas to utilize your QR codes.

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