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QR Codes Big Gain as Medical Record Emergency Links

It’s long been known that QR codes could provide a link to medical information when worn as an emergency bracelet. Many hospitals now use QR codes on patient ID bracelets for up to the minute medical information retrieval. Even charities are working to donate QR code medical ID bands to senior citizens.

Having such a usable link, even non-medical personal can scan the code and offer comfort and pre-treatment to medical victims before emergency services arrive on the scene.

MyMDband QR Codes

MyMDband for Holocaust Survivors is a medical emergency bracelet (patent pending) that provides medical personnel with instant access to a person’s critical medical information. The bracelet can be accessed using any standard smartphone, no special app required, and it works anywhere around the world. When the bracelet is accessed the medical information is automatically translated into the caregiver’s language, avoiding misunderstanding and saving valuable time, which can be a matter of life and death. Using the smartphones built-in GPS, emergency contacts are automatically notified with their loved ones’ location.

MyMDband is crowdfunding and this campaign aims to initially provide 1,500 Holocaust survivors, out of the over 190,000 living in Israel with a unique lifesaving medical bracelet, free of charge.

The team at MyMDband have teamed up with United Hatzalah through their Ten Kavod (“Give Respect”) program to bring this lifesaving technology to those that need it most.

The Ten Kavod program addresses the special medical needs of the lone elderly and those at-risk, with particular focus on Holocaust Survivors. In an effort to prevent Holocaust survivor’s medical condition deteriorating and requiring emergency medical care, medics visit their home 4 times a month to monitor blood pressure, sugar levels and medication compliance. Their up-to-date information will be inputted into their MyMDband profile, both for future visits and in case they ever require emergency care.

The German Christian aid organization, GAiN, has contributed $9,900 to MyMDband’s campaign, which will buy 275 medical bracelets. So far, out of a goal of $54,000, 28% has been reached with another few weeks left in the funding effort.

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