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Dynamic QR codes’ messages in bottles

I bet you’ve seen QR codes printed on labels in wine, beer and other drinks’ bottles, haven’t you? And you might be wondering how is it that printing QR codes on these bottles could help your business… Well, here you have some tips.

As we know, QR codes can be directed to whichever page you choose as your marketing strategy, and when these QR codes are dynamic, you can change the page to which you directed it as you please. Now, how could printing dynamic QR codes on bottles’ labels be useful to your business?

The main point is that it adds value to your brand. How? For example, QR codes printed in the labels can be directed to your commercial online, allowing viewers to leave a comment after they’ve seen it. Or else, you could direct it to promotions and discounts, among other infinite possibilities.

QR code on bottles

We’ve worked with Viña Leyda wines, this year, and here’s a good idea that popped up: they directed the dynamic QR code to their web page, in which you can find a brief description of each wine. Another great idea, if we’re talking about wines, is to direct the QR code’s link to, not only a brief description of the wine you’ve scanned, but also to suggestions of which food it tastes better with. This could also be useful in bottles of beer, directing the QR code’s link to suggestions of chips, cheese, olives, etc. that would fit best, according what type of beer you chose. This would be very helpful for customers. If the products are for export, our dynamic QR codes track your bottles and customers and help you follow your products abroad.

QR codes can also be directed to pages in which customers find games or to your brands pages in social networks, where customers can interact with others and leave a comment on what they’re doing while drinking your product, or what they’re eating meanwhile.

Another way in which you could make use of dynamic QR codes to improve your brand’s image is by directing them to pages that show your corporate social responsibility, for example, encouraging safe drinking, recycling, etc.

Printing QR codes in labels, doesn’t only apply for alcohol, it can also be used in drinks and soda. This year, we worked with Coke Zero printing QR codes in a limited edition series of bottles, about a campaign on challenges to famous South American characters.

Of course, you can also advertise your drinks brand with QR codes, by printing them on posters, magazines, etc. This year we did it for Heineken, and last year we worked like that with Pepsi and the music festival they organized, Pepsi Music.

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