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QR Codes That Work When Wet

“Urine” for trouble when you’re not “pissed” at taking better care of yourself. As adults, we can usually tell when we’re not feeling well, but any parent will tell you that just because a baby is crying, it’s not a sign that they’re sick. They could be hungry, tired, need a clean diaper or be upset at the economy. Still, any help one can get for insight into the health and well-being of one’s child is a very welcomed thing. So, who wouldn’t love a QR code that keeps track of your child’s urinary tract?

Enter the Pixie Scientific Smart Diaper. Each diaper (good for boys and girls) has an array of test strips built in into the absorbent area of the diaper (front for boys and bottom for girls), so when the baby relieves him/herself, the strips trigger and then register on the code matrix of color squares, sort of like a pregnancy test. A parent or whomever is lucky enough to have to change the baby, just scans the QR code with a special iPhone app, which reads the information so you can keep track of the urinary tract health of the child.

With day-to-day monitoring, you can keep your child happy and healthy. The FDA has still not approved this diaper for sale to the public and Pixie Scientific is running an IndieGogo campaign for investors and funding. You could certainly get in on “the bottom” to be “number 1” with this unique opportunity.

Smart QR diaper

As most parents find out, this technology will be invaluable for the first child. The second child usually doesn’t garner the same worry and attention due to gained experience and experimentation with the first child. The third child, of course, can be urinating blood and there’s a 50/50 chance the parent will make a trip to the pediatrician.

Images ©Pixie Scientific

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