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QR Codes in the classroom

A great use of QR codes is to implement them in the school. Many teachers have been using QR codes as an educational ally for years, and they love the results.

There’s a significant number of reasons to use QR codes in the classroom, here are the main ones:

  • Allow your students to be more independent by giving them easy access to websites
  • QR Codes reduce student frustration of typing in a web address.
  • It’s fun.

How do I make a QR code?

It is pretty simple, just head over our QR code generator and start your free trial. Then you will only need to select the URL you want the QR code to point to.

At QR code generator, you can create and manage dynamic/recyclable QR codes, download your QRs both in vector or bitmap version, add a logo to your QR codes and much more.

If you want to create your own landing page, we help you out with that too. Just choose the landing page option and personalize it, develop templates and perform batch actions.

How can my students read the QR Codes in the classroom?

There are multiple apps out there nowadays that read QR codes. Also, the latest smartphone can scan QR codes with their cameras. If that is not the case for you at the moment, you can use iPads or older smartphones and install easy-to-use apps so your students can scan the QR codes and start working right away.

Ideas to use QR codes in the classroom

There are endless uses for QR codes in general, but, even more, uses of QR codes in the classroom. As a teacher, you can use your imagination and turn basically anything into a QR code to support your student’s lessons, exams, projects and so on. We leave you three ideas on this post and 11 extra ideas on the video. Enjoy!

Create a Choose your Adventure Story

Everybody remembers those great books that you could read over and over again that always led you to a different story. You can make a story that changes with your student’s choices. To do that place two QR codes at the end of the story’s page and add a video, URL or image to them. Give your students two choices for each QR code. You can take It to the next level by placing the different pages of the story all over the school. It is fun, entertaining and they will definitely learn and remember that story.

QR Codes in the classroom

Help Slower Learners Adding Different Supports to the Lessons

Another great use of QR codes is to add them to your lessons. There are always kids that need more than one support to understand an experience totally, others are visual learners or auditory learners. Combine your QR codes with exercise and give your students a little help by adding images or even recordings. Use recordings of your voice to listen to the question, text or words can really help slower learners, students with English as a second language or as a way to support teaching different languages.

QR Codes in the classroom

Create A Virtual Museum

Using QR codes to recreate a museum in your class can be a stimulating activity for your students. Simply pick a theme for your museum, e.g., Dinosaurs of the Palaeolithic Era. Then, place QR codes all over the class with pictures and instructions. Have your students ambulate through the virtual museum and discover videos, noises and in-depth information about dinosaurs. They will definitely enjoy the session and will more likely remember more details than if they just read the text. You can later pass exercises to reinforce their knowledge or even create a virtual survey at the end of the visit.

To wrap up QR Codes in the classroom

QR codes can bring tremendous value to the classroom. There are more than just barcodes, they can help students achieve better results and will definitely make them enjoy their lessons. Students get bored quickly so try to add new techniques and ways to use QR codes in the classroom. Make sure to search for more uses of QR codes on Pinterest, and don’t forget that you can use our QR code generator free trial to start bringing fun to the classroom!

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