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QR Codes Jump Into Videos

When published an article suggesting why, how and the uses for placing QR codes on web pages, it was unheard of. In fact, people asked why place a code linking a web page to another web page. Then QR codes started showing up on websites. Now, the latest “why?” and “how?” has arisen for QR code usage – QR codes on videos!

Several companies like are delving into the use of QR codes that appear on videos. Again, marketers will ask, “why add a QR code link when people can just click a link?” This is the kind of in-the-box thinking that has cheated so many marketing initiatives of the power of QR code linking abilities.

[pullquote]“We’re not talking about just videos that appear on the web,”[/pullquote] states Mobile Leaves and their QR code subsidiary CEO, Diego Gopen. [pullquote]“Imagine people sitting in a movie theater, watching the previews and commercials while anxiously awaiting for the movie to start. If you look around the next time you are sitting in that audience, most people have their phones out, checking texts and emails before the movie clip asks people to turn off their mobile phones during the movie (which many people don’t anyway). So, with their phones out and the built-in QR code readers pre-installed in just about every phone these days, they will take advantage of special offers as a call-to-action with a QR code included on the video content. See longer coming attractions, check out the product shown in the video, join a loyalty program, follow on Twitter, like on Facebook or anything else that makes the scan worth the user experience.”[/pullquote]

[pullquote]“This is why we are always looking at the possibilities of QR codes, from Smart Cities, to video linking… and beyond, of course!”[/pullquote]

As with any QR code usage, there are considerations marketers must follow:

  1. The code must be large enough for people to scan. Whether on a movie or TV screen, people have to be able to scan the code.
  2. Leave the code on the screen as long as possible for people to bring up the app and scan the code.
  3. List the call of action CLEARLY! If people know it’s worth the effort to scan the QR code, they will.
  4. Let the link take them somewhere aside your website home page (but make sure your website has responsive design). Give them content, discounts, memberships, freebies and opportunities that are only available via the QR code link.
  5. Yes, even though the answering machine has been in homes for 30+ years and you still have to tell people to leave a message at the beep. Make sure you tell people to “scan this QR code for…” in every call-to-action!

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