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QR Codes on your business card and its advantages

Business cards are the way to get us noticed in networking events, and that hold crucial information about us and our businesses. They show the information we want the rest of the world to learn so they can hire or contact us. For this reason, nowadays it is essential to have QR codes on your business card to be up to date and ready for everything.

Traditionally, after receiving a business card, there was a time-consuming task: typing on our smartphone or computer all the information we want to keep. However, in the age of mobile Internet use, it is becoming essential to retrieve and store information quickly. The future of mobile and digital contact list management has thus begun, and QR codes are here to make your life easier.

QR Codes – Linking with the Digital World

QR codes are already known in everyday life, we can see them in magazines, posters, packages or the Internet.

The QR code word comes from the term quick response code. This code-like bar connects the non-digital with the digital world. QR codes are becoming more and more popular among smartphone owners because they are easy to scan and they make it easier to deal with information and process information with just one click. QR codes make possible to interact and communicate in a more efficient and effective way.

More than just a business

Having QR codes on your business card not only have an added value in information, but the code image is also something new and unique that will capture the attention of many of the people around you.

The traditional value of the business card is still the same, but adding a QR code will make it stand out, and not only that, it will be much more comfortable and quicker to translate the printed information into digital, remember, just with a quick scan, your contact information will always be handy.

The introduction of QR codes into business cards is a new way of interacting and communicating from the physical world to the digital one.

How to create a QR code for your business card?

The best use you can have of a QR codes on your business card is to include a vCard. vCard QR codes allow you to insert all the contact information you want, like name, phone number, company, title and much more. allows you to create dynamic vCards to insert in your QR codes. The best part about Dynamic vCards is that even when you have printed the QR code you can still change the information or URL you are directing your contacts to, just make sure to let them know so they can update the information scanning the QR code on your business card once again.

Linking a QR code to your vCard is an effective way to have someone access your contact information. Nowadays, having a digital business card is crucial to be one step ahead of the competition.

You can find all the information related to creating a vCard QR Codes on our previous post. Plus, you will see step by step instructions on how to build one with QR code generator.

Getting the information on the vCard QR Code

Obtaining data from QR codes on your business card is extremely simple. First, you need to scan the QR code with your smartphone. Then the user can preview, process and storage the information.

If you are worried about the design of your business card and how it will look with a square-shaped barcode on it, we have you covered! The QR Code doesn’t have to be black; it can be consistent with the color of your company’s brand or in accordance with your business cards, there are different ways in which you can beautify your QR codes.

Dynamic vCard

An easy way to insert contact information on a QR code is in the form of a vCard. The vCard file format is used to exchange contact data between programs automatically. For example, vCards can be imported into email programs such as Outlook and Gmail, or transferred to the address book straight from the smartphone.

Once you scan a QR Code that has a vCard encoded, your phone will automatically recommend you to add it to your contact list. This information will be always up to date and it will store as much information as you like.

QR codes with vCards can be processed by most QR code readers and smartphones

Each time you change or create contact information on your mobile business card, the vCard will also be updated. Dynamic vCards can be viewed in the browser of almost all smartphones and transferred to the address book or contact list. Remember to always use this functionality under internet connection.

Some year ago there was a big drawback of using vCards in QR codes because vCards used to be static. This is no longer a problem since QR code generator includes dynamic vCards to make sure your QR code is the best it can be, and you can change the information stored in you vCard even when the QR code on your business card has been printed. No more wasting paper.

Mass vCard import from CSV file

If you would like to create business cards with QR codes for several contacts, the CSV file interface can help you. You can import vCard QR codes directly from a CSV file or vCard file.

To do this we recommend you to use our QR code generator and try for free for a limited time the options we offer and the unlimited possibilities for your business cards and marketing campaigns.

Wrapping up:

If you don’t want your business card to get lost on piles of cards you need to stand out from your competition. There is not just the design that matters is the information you shared and the way you share it. Using QR codes on your business cards will set you apart from regular and plain cards.

There are two important methods to insert a QR code on your business cards:

  • Using Dynamic QR codes that direct to your website or Linkedin profile
  • Using a vCard that stores your contact information.

You can get both options using QR code generator. Try for free now!

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