Take Tickets to a Whole New Level with QR Codes

Paper tickets can be great mementos for people to remember a fantastic event, but they can also be handy little marketing tools for promoting future events. They’re also ideal for gathering feedback, collecting social media followers and enhancing event-goers’ experiences.

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Best practices and applications

1. Optimize tickets with QR Codes

Connect attendees to your social media accounts with the help of a Social Links QR Code, give them a discount on future events with a Coupon QR Code or give them a sneak peek at upcoming concerts and shows with a Mobile Page QR Code connected to a specially designed mobile page that we host. Edit the page with text, photos and videos to make it look eye-catching. (You don’t even need any coding experience.) Update the events list on the page regularly so it’s always up-to-date.

2. Get real time statistics

Track and measure your QR code’s metrics with uQR.me’s handy tracking feature for our dynamic QR codes. See how many times your codes get scanned, see where they’ve been scanned and find out how many new and total scans they receive in a day. Here’s a little something extra; they also tell you what type of device and operating system are used to scan them.

The data helps you make adjustments to your marketing campaigns by allowing you to see what works and what requires a different approach.

QR Codes on Tickets: The Benefits

QR codes are leaders in mobile marketing, which is marketing aimed at handheld devices. Since tickets are in people’s hands and their phones are also in their hands, it makes sense to have a mobile marketing tool on your tickets.

With a quick and easy scan, ticket holders can experience a whole new world of content linked to the little pieces of paper they’re holding.

How to generate a QR Code on Tickets

1. Register for a 14-day free trial with uQR.me and choose the type of QR code you want on your tickets.

2. Enter the necessary information for that QR code type.

vcard QR code

3. Customize your QR code by editing the short URLand creating a template for it. Add your name, logo and colors.

QR code insights image

4. Download your QR code in the file format you need. (We can help you choose the right one.)

Scan QR code

5. Integrate your newly-created QR code into your ticket design.

Mobile page QR Code

6. Watch the magic happen.

Keep in mind that these are dynamic codes we’re talking about, which means you are able to edit them on the back end at any time by signing into your uQR.me account and changing the information associated with them.

Ready to jump level?

Turn your tickets into interactive objects

Tick All the Boxes on Ticket QR code Best Practices

There are some actions you can take that will garner you more scans. These are the QR code best practices. Think of them as a set of guidelines that will enhance your QR code experience.
Mobile page QR Code
Including a call to action (CTA) is an absolute must when it comes to QR codes. CTAs give visitors a little nudge in the right direction and let them know what is awaiting for them when they scan the code.

Let’s say you’ve decided to put a Download QR Code on your ticket with an MP3 of your next musical act. You’ll want to let your fans know that they can get a sample of your new music if they scan the code with a CTA like: “Scan me for a free preview of our next show!”
You know how superheroes have their logos on their chests so people can identify them right away? That’s what your logo on a QR code does. It turns your QR code from a “civilian” into a superhero ready to do super things for you, like providing valuable information to your fans.

Like with superheroes, logos for QR codes are best when they’re a simple icon without words. Don’t worry too much about the size. Our automated system will walk you through uploading the right size of file for your code.
Every time you customize a new QR code, uQR.me can save that design as a template for potential future use. That means you can reuse a design without having to try and recreate it from scratch. Simply pick the design template to use with a QR code if you want to recycle a past design. This is ideal for recurring campaigns and testing out new looks to see which one works best.
Short URLs in QR codes serve a crucial purpose; they’re the link between the code and the content. While we generate a short URL for you, you don’t have to leave it as is. You can actually change it to whatever you like. This is fabulous for extra branding purposes.

Even better, it’s possible to use these URLs without the codes, making them perfect for sending out via tweets and other social media posts. When you click them, it’s the same as scanning the code.

If you want to go all in on branding, opt for white label masking, which hides uQR.me’s involvement altogether and makes it look like your code and full URL comes right from your website.
Testing QR codes is a time honored tradition that you need to embrace wholeheartedly. Test them frequently and test them with a variety of devices. We will help you with this process by analyzing your code after each step in the customization process to ensure it is scannable.

Keep in mind that the minimum recommended size for codes is 3 x 3 cm (1 x 1 in) and they require good contrast with a darker foreground over a lighter background.

Make Your Tickets Terrific with QR Codes

Pop up parties are perfect for making guests feel like they’re at an exclusive event. Fashion retailers can host pop up parties to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the ushering in of new trends. Putting a Website QR Code on your tickets that leads to your online store may just garner you some sales as shoppers marvel at all the new fashions they’re seeing.
Tickets, of course, don’t just need to be for events. Raffles are a tried and tested way for nonprofits to drum up interest and money and raffles need tickets. You could opt for generic tickets, or you could print out your own tickets with a Website QR Code on them that leads to your donation page. If you have PayPal, a PayPal QR Code connected to your account can prompt guests to donate right away.
Give your fans a treat by putting a Download File QR Code on their concert tickets with an exclusive track they can download on an MP3. It will give you an extra special connection to your most ardent supporters.
Gaming and e-sports tournaments are becoming more and more common. Tickets to these events can double as promotional material by giving guests a way of downloading your new app. Print an App Store QR Code on the ticket and when guests scan the code, it detects the type of operating system being used and takes them to the correct app store.
If multiple cultural events are run by the same organization, tickets are a magnificent way to promote the next, upcoming even on the calendar. A Website QR Code can lead visitors to a calendar page on the city website. A YouTube QR Code is ideal for giving guests a video preview of what’s to come.
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