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How QR Codes Pump Up Your Social Media

It’s a clickable world because that’s what people want. The text link, banner ad or video thumbnail has increased and evolved in the short time the internet has become the number one communication and information tool. The latest evolution of the clickable link, through ever-increasing mobile marketing is the QR code and its real world-to-digital world link it makes available in just a click.

QR Codes Use Technology

One of the prevalent but odd reasons QR code detractors have used to discredit the mobile links is that people can just as easily hand-key in a URL. No, they can’t and don’t want to hand-key in anything. Perhaps the increase in voice recognition technology may give that credence. Savvy businesspeople who want to use technology to its fullest will understand that if you could just have a happy customer immediately link to one or more social media platforms to follow comment or like, you will get more out of those customers during the moment, rather than hoping they will remember to visit those platforms later. A high percentage won’t.

Part of sales and marketing means getting the customer to leave a review at the height of their business experience. Imagine a group of diners are having their coffee after a great meal. Naturally, they have their mobile devices out, are checking email and possibly interacting with each other.

On the table is a table tent with a few QR codes that will link these full and satisfied customers (who haven’t seen the dinner bill yet) to Yelp, Facebook and Twitter. Like a viral kitten video, they will encourage each other to follow you on Twitter because they see that specials are announced daily or that Facebook followers are eligible for a discount.

The easier you make it for people to accomplish something, the higher results you will earn.

Only the Best Followers!

Real and interested followers and loyal customers make the strongest social media base. They will be the ones who look to your Facebook page and Twitter feed for specials, discounts and other events centered around your service/product.

You should strive to lock satisfied customers into your social media stream. It’s said that about 80% of consumers check out a store, restaurant, pub or other business online before ever setting foot in the establishment. Great recommendations from satisfied customers (and well-handled complaints) will convince people that you are a source to be trusted.

The Best QR Code Placements

Since customers will be using their mobile devices that will have apps for QR codes, and for the usual social media platforms, the battle is half done. The rest of it is getting them to see and use the QR codes. In this case, asking people to scan-to-follow means two of the top rules for successful QR code scanning:

  1. Make sure the QR codes are visible and easily scanned. Table tents, close proximity posters and signs, cards, menus, packaging, wrapping, tags, and signs in high foot traffic areas outside your business. The more chances someone has to scan, click and pump up your social media, the better for your business. You have an opt-in audience!
  2. The idea of QR codes outside your business, if that sounded strange, is to give people a second chance. Perhaps they were too busy when they were in your establishment last time but seeing the codes posted in, say, your front window, would remind them to scan.
  3. Of course, to encourage scanning you need to have a brilliant call-to-action for each QR code. If using Facebook, Twitter and Yelp (or another local review site) as your three prime links (not to discount Google+), then each QR code needs to have a clear action for scanning. “10% off your next (thing) if you like us on Facebook!” or “Follow us on Twitter to see our daily specials and happy hour treats!” would be popular calls-to-action.
  4. If you promise specials and discounts, make sure you offer them (yes, some “clubs” are only for hitting the members over the head with endless emails on regular priced items).

Love QR Codes!

There is, believe it or not, a human side to internet social media. Firstly, you need to be excited and talk it up as if you were handing out business cards at a networking event because… you are! It’s just easier for people to use the cards. Make sure your employees have a stack of cards with the QR codes on them to give to customers. “Like us!” “follow us!” “join the family!” or “you get something out of this!”, you should be pimping your social media through QR codes everytime you smile at a potential regular customer.

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