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QR Codes That Rocked Music Festivals

Regardless what some people may say about them, and their use for businesses, QR codes can also be fun, while they engage your clients and improve you public image. For example, an excellent use for QR codes would be in music festivals and concerts! Here are some marketing campaigns that successfully used QR codes in concerts or music festival to “rock the house”:

Pepsi Music 2011

Who else but uQRme to enhance Pepsi’s Music Festival? With extra interactions and virtual signage, the smartest QR code generator and management platform around, set up uQRme-powered QR codes at Pepsi Music in Buenos Aires allowing people to share their experience on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with the “Share” utility. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Katy Perry and Primal Scream were some of the incredible acts at Pepsi Music and fans didn’t miss a beat thanks to uQRme’s live update of the events calendar.

Personal Fest

Personal is an Argentinean phone company. Each year, they organize a music festival called Personal Fest, where renowned bands play. Some of these years they created campaigns in which they used QR codes in this event to increase attendants’ engagement.

What people could obtain from these QR codes in 2012:

People could obtain extra information about the shows

  • They could check timetables
  • They could visualize the location of the different places and stands
  • Enjoy photos of the event
  • Create groups to chat online and share pictures
  • The QR code also included a function which they called “here I am”, through which people could find each other during the festival
  • They could stick a printed QR code on their shirts. When scanned, a message appeared either in yellow, pink, purple or blue, then they had to go on scanning until they found the partner. When they did, they received a price.

What people could obtain from these QR codes in 2013:

They could obtain extra information and timetables

  • They could link it to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share their experience with friends
  • People could take pictures and decorate them through the QR code, then share them
  • They could participate in Personal Fest ́s games with QR codes
  • They could access to discounts for the company’s clients

What people could obtain from these QR codes in 2014:

They saw themselves involved in a treasure hunt. Even if they only scanned one QR code they got a prize, but the real deal was scanning them all. There were ten spots were you could scan QR codes, one for each year of the company, that was celebrating its 10th birthday!

MGMT and The Drums in concert

In this campaign, Movistar allowed its clients to download their tickets to the show online, obtaining a QR code they should show –to be scanned- at the entrance to be allowed into the concert. This way, they prevented people from forgetting their tickets, as they never forget their phones, in which they had the QR code.

QR music festival

This campaign wanted to take music to the streets of Madrid. The idea was that independent bands, playing acoustic in different shops throughout the city were recorded. On the outside of each shop participating, a QR code was placed linked to the video of the band, so that walk- by traffic could de able to enjoy the music as if they had been there, but on their phones or mobile devices. This event lasted 10 days, after which a closure concert took place live, with the participation of many of the recorded bands!

Heineken U code

Take a look at this great QR code campaign for music festivals.

As you ́ve seen QR codes can be a whole lot of fun and rock music festivals and concerts! What you waiting for to have fun with QR codes?

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