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QR Codes Do the Hard Part of Shopping

It’s only natural that QR codes continue to creep into retail sales, but it’s more than just codes on retail ads to pull consumers into the stores, now it’s actual product service delivery of hard goods that use QR codes. It’s not codes attached to clothing that tells you all about the fibers and the history of jeans. This use of codes create a unique shopping experience.

Based on the premise that men hate shopping for clothing, a new Seattle-based clothing store, Hointer, has made shopping, at least for jeans, a bit easier and quicker. As explained in the following video, the effort of sorting through piles of jeans, looking for the right style and then finding the correct size drives men into violent fits. While that almost never happens, it is frustrating.

By showing one sample of style (boot cut, straight leg, distressed, skinny, etc.), a shopper can choose color and size via a QR code scan and will be directed to a pick up point in the store (the fitting room, in this case) where the jeans will be delivered for the shopper to try on.

Check out the video to see how this works…

Of course, this brings up some questions that the video doesn’t answer:

  • Who exactly finds the right air of jeans and delivers it to the fitting room?
  • How do the jeans get refolded and restocked?
  • Are there dozens of enslaved Oompa-Loomas in a back room warehouse, moving jeans back and forth for lazy male shoppers?
  • Why do strange things always happen in Seattle?
  • Can this work in larger retail stores?

Only time will tell but if it doesn’t work and anarchy reigns, just keep in mind one thing; it’s not the fault of the QR code. It was the evil failings of human beings!

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