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QR Codes And Theft Recovery

A good QR code will link to any digital asset. People will always steal. Those are two facts that can’t be denied. The question is: how can one help solve the problem with the other? QR codes can actually be not the strongest theft deterrent but neither is a locked cable, where possible. QR codes are, however, the best way to recover stolen items!

Whether it’s one laptop swiped from your locker or an entire office cleaned out overnight, QR codes can be placed on each and every piece of equipment with a call-to-action that warns any pawn shop or other used device buyer that they should scan the code if being approached to purchase it.

That may seem too simple to some, but think about it. There was a time when the police urged homeowners to copy down the make, model and serial number of their household electronics and keep the list in a safe place if needed. Let’s take that into the present.

Layers of Security

By attaching a QR code to each piece, something that can’t be torn off or covered (without noticeable damage to the device), any buyer will scan the QR code for information on that device (which should be the call to action).

Placing an image of a QR code as a wallpaper on your login screen, anyone can scan the QR code to see who owns the device. It can be a screen background on mobile phones, too!

Have the link take viewers to an online list, Excel spreadsheet, photos, etc. of all stolen devices and such.

Email the link to law enforcement officials, put it on Facebook (it’s worked for a lot stranger things), tweet it, etc.

Digital QR Code Security

There are many great security systems available, from coin-sized tiles that track your keys and other items, to security chips that link to a web network so people can report stolen merchandise. The problem is the devices will cost the same as your insurance coverage. Good because they may help you recover a device but for numerous items, a QR code linked to one list source that can be updated as needed makes the most sense… and it’s FREE! CTO, Mauro Casula, adds some words of wisdom when it comes to QR codes and security:
“We work with QR codes every day and the uses we see are outstanding. We’ve been working with cities and towns around the world to make them Smart Cities and security definitely needs QR codes. It’s not just for items, but for using to post mobile to police or fire response in emergencies. QR codes placed on signs at street corners gives people places to quickly link to emergency numbers. What could be safer?”

“Yes, embedded images on your devices are a great way of marking that device. You could even just print out stickers of varying sizes for large to small items. If you don’t want the standard black & white QR codes, try using our QR code “beautifier” and add your logo into the code with just a few clicks.”

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