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How to prepare a QR Promo Code campaign in less than a minute

The QR code (from the English quick response code), and in particular, the QR promo code, has become a powerful tool due to the rise of information and communication technology (ICT) and the consumption of data and content from mobile devices. In this post, we will talk about a particular aspect of the multiple applications that this tool can have for your brand or company.

The use of the QR promo codes can, among other options, apply to:

  • Cards
  • Brochures
  • Merchandising

To start a marketing campaign for our QR promo codes, we need to define the objective of the code. Will it be informative or promotional?. Let’s see some concrete cases:

  1. “I want to include a QR Code on my business card “
  2. “I want to include a QR Code in my brochures to send people to my website”.

We already talked about QR codes in business cards and how they can help you stand out, so this time we will talk about the second case.

Let’s say that your company has flyers for fairs and various events. If so, you can consider the possibility of including a QR promo code in them. This will add value to your campaign, since the QR code will send your customers or clients to a website with discounts on your services/products, 2×1, gifts, etc.

We only have to “point” the code to an URL (either from your website or blog) where we have the promotion or write our own text in the editor. We can do this with the help of a QR code generator, like the one we have at In our QR code generator, you can upload images and PDFs to your customize QR code or create an amazing landing page to show your customers your coupon or discount.

Common QR promo code Campaigns

The most common promotional campaigns use coupons and discounts to gather data or to help customers to get a discount on your products or services.

If you are new in the market and need to gather some information about your target audience, a good use of a QR promo code could be to include one of them in a brochure or flyer and ask the potential customer or client to scan the QR code. When they scan the QR promo code they will see a form (create it on your favorite form software and add the URL to your QR code), where you will ask them for their information: name and email address, if you need more relevant information you can include it as well. However, remember that asking for too much information might scare people away, ask only for what you need. After all the data is gathered, the form will ask the user to enter a random “captcha” and the information will be sent to your database.

Another great way to use QR promo codes is to give discounts to your customers directly, just by scanning the code. There is no need to fill a form or anything else. The user can scan the code and obtain the discount. This will increase the sympathy of the customers for your business.

How to create a QR promo code?

If we convinced you with our little case study, then you will want to start creating QR codes to skyrocket your marketing campaigns. Here is a great and simple way to create your fantastic QR codes:

  1. Access our QR Code generator
  2. Decide the QR promo code you want to generate: upload a PDF, an image or create a new one in our editor.
  3. Customize your QR code
  4. Save the generated code as an image on the desktop and save the embed code if you want to embed it in your website or blog.

How will my clients read a QR promo code?

Nowadays, almost everybody has a last generation smartphone, and they will for sure be able to read QR codes without any issues. If this is not the case, there are multiple apps users can download to scan QR codes with their phones.

Then, people will have to scan your unique QR promo codes to enter the contest, access information or whatever you want them to do. Are you ready for an astounding QR promo campaign?

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