One QR code to link all App Stores at once

Learn how to create a QR code linked to every App Store, so you won't need to print two QR codes on your marketing material anymore.

App Stores smart redirection

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Our smartphones are filled to the brim with apps. From the most popular ones such as Instagram and Whatsapp to useful ones like Uber or even games like Pokémon GO or Candy Crush. The majority of apps are ready to use right from the get-go, while others need to be downloaded from the app store that matches the smartphone used. Well, what if you have an app in one store or the other, or both, that you would like people to access and download instantly? Introducing App Stores QR code!

Why use App Stores QR codes?

Apps are everywhere and more often than not, they are available for different mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. QR codes can help you get your target audience to download your app via App stores QR codes. They basically allow you to insert the URL of the app store where your app can be downloaded. What is worth noting is that if your app is available on Android and iOS, you can insert both URLs. When the QR code is scanned, the user will be directed to the app store that matches the smartphone’s operating system. Cool, huh?

App Stores QR Code

How to create an App Stores QR code

By registering for a QR code generator like, you will be able to generate this type of QR code in no time. Once you do so, you will be able to insert the corresponding URL of the stores where your app can be accessed and downloaded.

App Stores QR Code apple

Create an App stores QR code with

To generate an App stores QR code with, log in to your account, or register here if you do not have one, and follow these simple steps to create this type of QR code:

  1. Click Create project,
  2. click Create QR,
  3. name the QR code,
  4. select “App stores” from the dropdown menu,
  5. insert the URLs of the stores, and
  6. click Save and apply changes.

App Stores QR code hints

App stores QR codes have a secret, albeit not so much, feature to be put into good use. Here it goes; you do not have to use it specifically for apps. For example, you can paste a URL to a website for Android users to access, and have a YouTube video displayed for iOS users to watch. This actually makes the App stores QR code become a Smart redirection QR code. Regardless, the possibilities with this type of QR code content are endless.

How to scan a QR code

How to scan a QR code

There are two ways to scan a QR code. Both of them require a smartphone. The first would be to download a QR code reader. Back in the day, this was the only way to scan one. You can download one that matches your device for free. The second way – the best way – is to enable the scanning feature of your smartphone. This can be easily achieved within the settings of your operating system or browser. Then, hover the camera over the QR, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll have its content at your disposal

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