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Multi country QR code

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QR codes are like physical links that provide instant access to any online digital content. As such, they are very accessible, more so than any other technology of the sort. For example, if you want to visit a website, instead of having to type in its URL, which some can be quite long, you can scan a QR code that is redirected to said website. All it takes is a simple scan with your smartphone’s camera.

However, one thing that you may wonder when it comes to a Website QR code is what if the website itself is in different languages? What if you would like people from different countries in the world to access the site in the language that matches where they are from? Well, fret not, dear reader; Multi-country links QR code are here to help you.

Why use Multi-country links QR codes?

The primary purpose of this type of QR code content is to provide instant access to information based on the country of the user who scans the QR code. Thus, as we have mentioned before, you may want to use them if your website is in different languages.

If you offer a product or service that is available all over the world, having your website translated to the languages of the countries where your brand works are crucial. It proves that your company is willing to interact with any potential customer in the world.

You will also make things easier for your target audience to browse the website in their spoken language. It will save them time searching for what they want, and it will help you increase your conversion rate.

In regards to the QR codes themselves, they definitely are worth using because they are accessible and can be redirected to the website that matches the country where the smartphone is at. But there’s more.

Multi-country links QR codes can also be used to show a specific content based on the country. For example, you can have a promotion that runs in the United States, and another in Spain. So, depending on where the user is, the redirection will lead to the appropriate content.

How to create a QR code for Multi-country links

First, a QR code generator needs to be found. is here! So, after registering to one of our plans, create the QR code, which is dynamic by the way, and set its type to “Multi-country links”. Then you will be able to add the countries that will determine which content is shown upon scanning the QR code. Insert the corresponding URLs and done! Save and apply changes to start using your Multi-country links QR code.

Since Multi-country links QR codes are dynamic ones, they can be updated or changed whenever you want without having to reprint them. If you would like to add another country or remove one or modify the content altogether, you can do so at any time. Dynamic QR codes can also be customized, and their stats can be tracked and measured. You will know in real-time how well your campaign is working on a global level. Literally.

Create a Multi-country links QR code with

To generate a Multi-country links QR code with, log in to your account, or register here if you do not have one, and follow these simple steps to create this type of QR code:

  1. Click Create project,
  2. click Create QR,
  3. name the QR code,
  4. select “Multi-country links” from the dropdown menu,
  5. add one or more countries and insert their corresponding URLs, and
  6. click Save and apply changes.

Multi-country links QR code insights

One piece of advice; test the QR codes at the respective countries to verify that all is going smoothly. The QR code content of a particular country will only show if the smartphone used to scan said QR code is in that country. So, it is only natural that you, a friend or a colleague who is at that place, scan the QR code before going public with it.

How to scan a QR code

QR codes and smartphones go hand in hand. After all, the latter is what scans the former. That and a reader app. You can download one to enable your smartphone to turn into a decoder from the respective app store. Plus, there are plenty that are free. The alternative would be to use the smartphone’s preinstalled scanning feature. Check if yours has one by searching its settings, and enable it if it is there. Lastly, place the camera over the QR code, and you’ll be redirected to its content.

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