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Instant messaging has never been easier!

From boutique stores to financial advisors, find your industry best use case!

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How do WhatsApp QR Codes work?

You enter your phone number and pre-written message to start the conversation.
When a person scans the QR code, WhatsApp opens on their phone with the message you have pre-written. The person taps “Send” and starts a WhatsApp conversation with you.

The message is optional. If you prefer, you can just have the QR code open WhatsApp and let the person type their own message.


Open WhatsApp instantly after scanning

Make it easy for your audience to talk with you. Give them a way to say hi with a simple scan.
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Build brand awareness by making it your own!

Drive up scan numbers by making your code unique.

Branded short URL +

Your brand’s colors +

Your brand’s logo =
An inviting QR code


Communicate effortlessly with a scan while doing a live follow up

Follow the stats to see how your campaign is rocking! When was it scanned? Where was it scanned? How many people are contacting you on WhatsApp? It’s all in the stats!

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Paypal QR Code

How do I make one?

First, you need a WhatsApp QR code generator. We suggest uQR.me, since you’re already here.

Then, you can register for a free trial or, if you already have an account, log in and follow these steps:

  1. Click “Create QR Code.”
  2. Select “WhatsApp” as the type.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Put in an optional message to send. (This message will be sent to you.)
  5. Give your QR code a title so you can keep track of it.
  6. Click “Save and Apply Changes”

Done! That’s all you need to do to make a WhatsApp QR code.

Why use WhatsApp QR Codes?

By creating a QR code and linking it to your WhatsApp number, you can instantaneously interact with your target audience. Once the QR code is scanned, the app will open to chatting with the number you have entered automatically. You can even add a welcome message to get the conversation started.

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WhatsApp QR codes can be used for any interaction. For example, if your company provides products or services, you can opt to use them to provide support. Medical institutes can also use them to live chat with patients that need care and attention.

The implementation of QR codes for WhatsApp can not only be beneficial to help others via chat but also to help you improve your campaign or personal endeavor by receiving feedback as well. All in REAL-TIME.

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What else can I do with it?

Once you have created your QR code, you can adapt it to your branding and needs.

  • Customize it with colors and logos.
  • Edit the shortened URL.
  • Download it in a variety of file formats.
  • Password protect it if necessary.
  • Connect your Google Analytics account.
  • Add a redirect page with a branded message.

You can also create a landing page template to use for your codes and so much more.

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Why use dynamic website QR Codes?


Instant contact

Be where your customers are. Let them communicate with you in a straight and easy way. The best, the speed of a scan to get in touch!

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Express uniqueness

Add your brand name to the URL. Add your colors and logo to the code. Or, add a Whatsapp logo so people know exactly what type of code it is.

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Assess progress

Dynamic QR codes provide you with useful information like when and where and how many times they are scanned. See your campaign’s success in real time!

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Remain flexible

Change the message or the phone number your QR code points to any time you like. If you want it to connect to a different phone number, simply change it.

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Showcase your brilliance

Print your QR code in a variety of high definition formats that look good no matter what size they are and what medium they are in. We would be happy to help you choose the right format. ​


Absolutely! We’re here to help

Provide a simple way for people to receive direct support for your products and services via WhatsApp.

Ask your audience to give you feedback about your product and service. Receive that feedback in real time. If you discover there is an issue, you can fix it before a person takes to the internet to complain about it.

The key is to have a clear and concise call to action. Let your target audience know why they should scan your code and what will happen when scanning it.

In this case, since it is a WhatsApp QR code, add something next to it along the lines of “Scan the code and chat with us on WhatsApp.” This will clarify the purpose of the QR code and instill trust in your organization.

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How to scan a QR Code?

How to scan qr code

Most smartphones scan automatically recognize and scan QR codes. Please click here to see a detailed guide to scanning QR codes.

Whatsapp is a brilliant way to connect with your customers, clients, volunteers, prospects, audience members and those who might need to contact you.

Making it easier to talk with you means your audience will be more inclined to say hi and engage with you. And promoting your brand is all about engagement.

WhatsApp? QR codes! That’s whatsApp!

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