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Quick Response codes aren’t dead, and here is why

The Quick Response codes which are more commonly known as QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes extensively used these days. These were initially developed by the automotive industry in 1994. QR codes are a powerful tool of this digital age that help to connect both the non-digital and digital world more efficiently. Their popularity is increasing day by day because of their widespread use, particularly among the smart-phone owners. It has made the data management more accessible and using Quick Response codes, you can efficiently process, manage and access the information in just one click.

QR Codes are not dead, that is for sure. There was a time when its use was not appreciated perhaps due to lack of awareness. But now, in the present times, their popularity graph is raising, and many known brands are using them in their marketing campaigns with amazing results. These codes are the key to enhance your business growth.

The use of the Quick Response codes is increasing over time, and nowadays they have broad applications to help you use them easily, like QR readers or QR code generators.  These tools are highly useful, and if you want to get more fruitful results for your business, you should start integrating Quick Response codes into your marketing campaigns and payment methods.

How do Quick Response codes work?

It is very simple to scan the codes, you can quickly do this on your smartphone. Depending on the phone, you can scan the code either via QR code reader, your camera, or you can download a quick scanning application. The codes mentioned in magazines, papers, business cards, and other places are made to lead you to a specific website, a video, or to some valuable information that the code generator wants to deliver.

Benefits for businesses

These codes, also known as Action Codes, leave a deep impact on your campaigns. They make it easier for the consumers to access the information. Both the large and small scale businesses can use QR codes in their marketing campaigns to get more effective outcomes.  For instance, you can spread the word out about your early bird offer through the codes. Similarly, the payment method can be made more comfortable for the customers. They find it more convenient to pay via mobile click. So if you initiate payment method involving a QR code, you might get an increased customer base and happy and loyal returning customers.

Benefits for customers

Not only can the businesses benefit from these digital codes, but the customers on the other end also find it an easier way to access the desired information.  In this day and age where everyone is in a hurry, if customers get all the essential information including your address and web URL without much effort, it would be more convenient for them. Customers usually find those flyers and print ads more appealing if contain theses action codes, because it is easier for them to get the desired information quickly online. They can access the online content whenever they want. 


  •    Starbucks offers bill payment through Quick Response codes. All you need to do is scan the code with your mobile phone, and your payment will be made.
  •    Facebook QR code is also available, and you can generate your own to direct your friends, family or colleagues to your fan page.
  •    iPhone also has a built-in QR Reader in the wallet app that you can use to scan QR codes.

Final Verdict

The quick response codes are smarty named as they offer immediate response and take you to the intended information. It saves both the time and energy and provides a convenient user experience. The ability to assess the content instantly makes the codes more valuable and your business can see an increase in customers, sells or anything you want to achieve in a proper and useful manner.

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