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7 Reasons for sQRing your school

QR codes have been related mostly to business since they first appeared. In this article I’m going to give you 7 reasons why you should make use of this little square codes on behalf of education.

1- School-student relationships

QR codes can be used in order to improve the interaction between teachers and students. This way, students could scan the QR code and be directed to school’s rules, timetables, maps, announcements, whatever the school wants the students to know so that life at school is easier for everybody. Now, if a student gets lost, he or she can scan the QR code and be shown a detailed map of the school so that he knows which classroom to go and how to get there. If there’s a meeting arranged, or its classroom or time changed, students can always check it out on their device through the QR code.

2- No “lose issue”

If teachers give exercises and texts in QR codes, there’s no danger that the student loses the photocopy, as once scanned, the link to which the QR code is directed is recorded on the student’s phone or electronic device used. This is a great advantage for students who tend to be untidy. With QR codes this kind of student will be able to be more organized in his school work, which would probably lead to higher grades and better understanding of the treated topics.

3- No “ forgotten homework issue or excuse”

If exercises are handed as QR codes, there is no way in which students can claim to have forgotten their homework, as they would have the exercise’s link recorded on their phone, and if it happens to be that they forgot their phone, teachers could still check out their students’ homework directly from the ULR of the page to which it was directed.

4- Extra information

By using QR codes to provide extra information to the students, teachers could give optional activities and those who want to use them to study, need more practice, want to show their effort, or want to know more about the subject can easily make use of the extra material.

5- Examples easier to understand

The QR codes’ links could be directed to interactive examples, let’s say, videos, slideshares or games related to the topic, making it easier for the students to understand and have a practical idea of the subject, apart from the theoretical; and which students could take home in case they need it.

The QR code’s link could be directed to a video about which students should write an essay or do some exercising.

This way, the QR codes could also be used in gym classes, so that students take a look at how to do any specific movement, reducing the injuries danger, and making them more skilled at the practiced sport.

6- Parental control

Through the QR code parents can check their child’s performance and any comment the teacher wants to transmit to them about their son/ daughter.

7 – Easier to manage

It is easier for children to scan the QR code and be directed to a web page rather than having to write the whole ULR. It is an easier, fastest, more effective way of looking for extra information in the web.

These were only some reasons why you should sQR your school. What are you waiting to use QR codes for educating our youngsters? Making the teaching system easier for everybody and more efficient, with just a click!

Do you have any question? please write a comment below and we will answer it 🙂

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