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Should You Use a QR Code on the Web?

The general rule is that using QR codes on a website is superfluous. Why use a link from print to digital ON a digital source? There are plenty of reasons, but, as with any use of QR codes, it has to make sense, serve the consumer, and fulfill your own marketing needs.

Many people have discovered that using a QR code as an avatar allows a quick link to information that may be restricted, or limited by space on sites such as LinkedIn, or Twitter. As long as the avatar is large enough to be scanned properly, and the link destination is a mobile responsive site, why not use a QR code to extend your reach? If you use any business site to market your services, linking a QR code to a résumé, video, or portfolio is a forward step in client contact.

If you advertise via banner ads, Google Ads, or any other web-based advertising, you might think that using a QR code on the ad is ridiculous. If people want more information, they would just click on the ad, and go to the linked information. In all honesty, how often do people decide to click a link and leave a page they are reading? How often do you do it? What if there was a QR code you could scan so you could see the information without leaving the page, or risking the endless loops some ads contain.

The biggest conundrum is the question of a QR code on your website. Why have a link established via a QR code, going to a mobile site when you can present all the information needed right there.

Some considerations for QR code placement on a web site would be:

  • Establish a bookmark on client’s smartphone, which is always with them, more than any other device.
  • You may want to implant a video they will share with others.
  • You want them to download a special app that will connect them as a loyal customer.
  • Collect information using the QR code itself as a call-to-action.
  • Have the QR code as an opt-in for email marketing.

The use of QR codes are open to uses in every arena, it’s just up to your ability to imagine all the possibilities, whether print, or digital. As the web, and devices evolve, you will need that creative imagination to use QR codes to your full advantage. Always be open to the possibilities when others are saying it’s ridiculous. Let them fall behind!

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