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Snapchat Buys, Kills Hosted QR Codes. Here’s What You Can Do

If one word could define the 21st century as a whole, it would most definitely be communication. The world has gone social, with all of us actively engaged with each other. This could not have been possible if it weren’t for the continued advancement of social media technology.

The means in which we can connect are endless and applications are still being discovered and mastered. But as outstanding as this is now, can it stand the test of time? The ability to communicate is inherent to all mankind, but the services we use nowadays, will they be there in the future? recently retired the QR code generating business, leaving users astray. Could this have been avoided? Let’s find out how you can take back what’s yours when others can’t.

The Consideration of the “There and Then”

Being dependent on a third party solution has its ups and downs. The former includes a service already developed and tested for you to use instantly, technical support in case of trouble, and array of features for you to choose from depending on the application. The latter could be summed up in its longevity. The sole idea that a product could expire or disappear anytime is worth enough to exercise caution when opting in.

The case of proves the point mentioned. Its QR code generation service was bought out by Snapchat, thus removing it completely. All of’s functionalities, including real-time analytics by scan count, time period, geographic location, are long gone. This puts an under considered issue when selecting SaaS (Software as a Service) providers for your business: losing control. After all, a third party provider is… a third party provider. Terms and services aside, they are the ones who can decide whether to continue or shutdown their product. QR codes Retired has given a statement on their website, communicating that “all QR codes hosted on have been disabled.” They cite the following things that users will no longer be able to do:

  • Create new hosted QR codes
  • Download hosted QR codes
  • Edit the content behind hosted QR codes
  • View analytics on hosted QR codes

Since users have no longer the ability to link their content to a QR code hosted on, many have resorted to social media to reach out to their followers. Such is the case of Chunk of Change, that offers a complete rundown of their used-to-be content, accessed via QR codes.’s unfortunate turn of events is just an example but when expanded upon, it gives insight into a subject matter that more often than not tends to be disregarded. In this case, the future of a marketing campaign that uses QR code technology depends on its lifespan. Of course, the endeavor won’t last forever, but the fact that it could end sooner than expected due to a third party provider shutting down, is a huge problem. Luckily, there is a solution.

Keep Calm and Take Control!

When using QR codes, the best way to avoid future problems and be on the safe side, would be to control the technology by owning the domain where it is working from. Not only does it guarantee you that the system will be there as long as you need it, but it also implies that there will be no third party content associated to your brand. So, how can you do this?

Setup your own (sub)domain as White Label URL

At we have considered this possibility and though we are here for the long term, we have developed a feature that allows you to use your own (sub)domain and never lose control. With that said, let’s dive right into…

How to setup your own (sub)domain as White Label URL

Step 1: Register or upgrade to a Gold plan

Visit our Pricing List page and select the Gold plan. There are several payment methods. You can opt to register to a monthly subscription or an yearly one. The latter will save you money 😉

Step 2: Setup your domain

Head to your DNS provider’s administration panel and create a CNAME record. Set it to It should look something like this:     CNAME

Step 3: Create your QR Code Project

Login to your Gold account and create your first Project. To do so, click Create project. Specify a name, a description and insert the domain you’ve created previously.

How to create a Project


For more information on how to setup your own (sub)domain, or links to hosting and domain name registrars instructions, click here.

What else can you control?

Now that you know how to own your QR codes, there’s also the question as to how to retrieve QR code statistics. Most often than not, QR code generators offer this capability in-house, but does not only have a fully integrated tracking system, but it also allows the user to connect its account to a Google Analytics ID. This provides a more thorough recollection of data and is pretty much completely secured, being a Google property.

How to link your Google Analytics ID to

Step 1: Register or upgrade to a Silver or Gold plan

Both plans offer the ability to connect your GA ID. The difference being that the Gold plan features what we’ve discussed before, plus the ability to create multiple users to manage your created QR code projects.

Step 2: Connect you GA ID

Once you login, click Manage project, then QR setup and finally, More options. There you will be able to insert your Google Analytics ID, hit Save and you’re done. Access your GA account and you’ll be greeted with your QR code stats.

We’ve got your back

QR codes are here to stay. And so is But now that you and us both know that the future is something to consider, our best bet is for you to keep on using our service, or should I say your service, for as long as you want. Every journey begins with a single step, right?

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