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Sodimac Chile digitizes stores using QR codes

Need assistance with assembly of your desk? Want to check the prices of chairs and tables? Dynamic QR Codes at your service!
The Chilean branch of Sodimac, an industry that has reached a leadership position in stores for home improvement business to the Latin American market, is now using QR codes created and managed through‘s platform to make life easier for their customers.

By scanning the codes placed throughout the store, you’ll have access to lots of information, from video tutorials on how to decorate your house to price lists and product stock information.

What would you think if I told you there is a possibility to instantly locate any object and get information from it?

Internet of things and dynamic QR codes

QR codes could become a bridge to make all the everyday objects we have at our disposal, from the parts that comprise them to their entireties, scannable to find out where they are and if there are more copies of them, to name one use. Without going any further, the use Sodimac gave to their QR codes is a small example, but a big step in the implementation of this technology.

Definition of “Internet of Things” (Wikipedia):

[pullquote]“Equipping all objects in the World with minuscule Identifying devices or machine-readable identifiers Could transform daily life. For instance, no longer business May run out of stock or generate waste products, as Involved parties would know Which products are required and consumed.”[/pullquote]

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