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10 good reasons to use a QR code generator for your next book

Times are changing, people are starting to download book rather than buying the traditional ones. But that doesn’t mean publishing houses have to suffer the consequences! With the help of QR code generator companies, they can take advantage of the advances of technology. Here we offer you some reasons why working together with QR code generator companies would be a smart idea:

Advantages of having QR codes in books for the readers:

1) QR codes in books could be directed to the book’s promotional trailer. The QR code’s link could be directed to the description of the book and so the potential reader would be able to read it anyway, anytime, anywhere. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

2) The potential buyer of a book would also be able to scan the QR code and be directed to the publishing house’s web page, being able to go through the available books, what they’re about, critics, price, etc. Or, being able to register in order to be sent more information on the author, dates of release of any book, etc., and information about promotions and discounts.

3) The QR code link could also be directed to suggestions of books that might interest them, according to the book they scanned.

4) The user could be able to leave comments and opinions about the read book in the publishing house’s social network pages; and read other users comments and opinions. Share their opinions in their Social Networks.

The hunger pains QR code

Example of book trailer from “The Hunger Pains”:

Advantages for the publishing houses of working together with QR code generator companies:

5) People who prefer downloading books rather than buying the traditional ones, could be able to download the scanned book to their mobile phones (or the electronic device they scanned it with), or have it sent by mail, etc. This would make the publishing house a pioneer on marketing strategies; it would give an image of a technological-friendly business, entering to other segment of the market.

6) The company’s brand image would improve, as the QR code’s link could be directed to pages encouraging the responsible cut down of trees, giving the option of downloading the ebook. Ecological groups would appreciate it and people would be able to see you business’s social corporate responsibility.

7) This widening of the market’s share would spread the encouragement of reading to new individuals.

8 ) The enterprise would be able to carry out a more accurate analysis of the market in order to decide further marketing moves.

9) The QR codes in books would allow the publishing house to have closer contact with the customers, their opinions, critics and congratulations.

10) The use of QR codes in its books would show the world the publishing house is no victim of technology, but that instead, they take advantage of it, using for their own benefit.

Using a QR code generator in books increases your publishing house’s brand image, market share, brand loyalty due to a great service, and leads the company into a new era of books. And these were only some ideas why working together with QR code generator companies, getting dynamic QR codes for books, is such a good idea! For further information, ideas and questions please write a comment.

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