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The ultimate QR code maker for your business

Nowadays multiple platforms let you generate QR codes and share them with your audience quickly. In previous posts, we had explained how should you choose the best QR code maker, and today we will like to guide you through the possibilities that the ultimate QR code maker can bring to your business.

Now, more than ever, the QR codes are gaining momentum with the advances in technology, creating opportunities for businesses in the marketing world.

During years, the QR code design has been criticized due to its unattractive black-and-white squares. However, now is possible to transform this encrypted square into a beautiful QR code that can hold valuable information for customers and bring new business to companies all over the world.

QR codes currently hold a dominant place in the mobile marketing industry and are expected to retain this position well into the future.

Before we get deep into the ultimate QR code maker, we want you to understand what a QR code is and the benefits of using them in your business.

The QR Code and its benefits

QR codes were originally designed in Japan for the automotive industry. However, marketers promptly adopted this kind of barcodes in different industries due to their large storage capacity and the ability to translate additional information to consumers.

QR codes are black-and-white squares that can be read by a scan, reader or mobile phone to learn more about a product or service. Most mobile phones now allow you to scan any QR code with their camera, and direct you to the message or website to get the information. You can find more information regarding QR codes, social media and mobile marketing in general in our QR & Mobile Marketing Glossary.

The use of QR codes is beneficial to companies selling products since the information they can add to the packaging is limited. With a QR code, your company will ensure a more detailed message to the customer and the ability to go back to it at any time with their mobile devices. The advantage of using a QR code versus the little information in a package is that they can hold links, coupons, event details, and other data that users might want to save to read later.

A QR code can hold hundreds of times more encrypted characters than a barcode, making it a powerful tool for any business that wants to connect the offline world to the digital world.

What is a QR code maker?

Now that we have clarified what a QR code is and what it can do for your business is time to talk about QR code makers. A QR code maker is a platform that allows the user to create a personalized barcode with encrypted information. They are also known as QR Code Makers and QR Code Creators.

The encrypted information you choose to add into a QR code can be a link to a specific website, a promo coupon or discount, and many other alternatives that can bring advantages and opportunities to your business.

One of the essential features of the ultimate QR code generator is that allows you to create dynamic QR codes. A dynamic QR code is editable, and it also allows you to download the code in vector or bitmap version as well as monitoring your QR code campaigns with analytics.

The ultimate QR code maker is here

The QR code generator will help you create dynamic QR codes to connect your audience, customer or users with your digital presence the most naturally and effectively way possible.

With you will be able to create dynamic QR codes that cannot only hold valuable information but will also allow you to change its content and QR type as many times as you like. It also offers the option to connect with Google Analytics to track and download detailed reports of your QR visits and the possibility to create hundreds of QRs in bulk.

There are many features in the QR code maker that makes it the ultimate tool to get surprising results for your company.

We want to tell you the possibilities you can get from this tool when generating QR codes for your business:

  • Create dynamic QR codes and redirect your QR codes to new contents
  • Personalize your QR codes with your logo, create templates and perform batch actions
  • Track your QR code campaigns and even connect any Google Analytics profile to your QR codes
  • Find in one place all the functionalities that you need to improve your QR code Campaigns conversions
  • Display your visitors a quick branded message from you before they are redirected to the content
  • Personalize the permalinks and customize QR URLs 

Why does your business need a QR code maker?

There are multiple uses for a QR code, but you need to start with a great idea. We recommend using your QR code to direct users, customer or potential clients to something valuable. For example, an exciting video you will like to share, a guide in PDF format, a link to Google Maps and so much more. The list is endless; you need to find the best idea for your business and create “the perfect campaign”.

Take a look at this brilliant idea developed in the Sukiennice Museum in Poland to attract younger visitors:


Once you create your QR code, you can let your creativity flow to direct customers to your digital presence. Here are some examples of the companies that have used to create their QR code campaigns and their successful results:

  1. Lay’s uses’s QR codes for some tasty ads!
  2. QR Codes Help Skoda to Promote Cars
  3. Audi Creates QR code Christmas Campaign through
  4. Tio Pepe’s Wine gets more classy with’s QR codes

To sum up

A QR code can help business redirect customers to specific content and connect the offline side of the business with the online world.

The QR code maker offers dynamic QR codes to create QR code campaigns that will not only provide insights about your customers and general audience but will help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and deliver fantastic results.

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