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Tio Pepe’s Wine gets more classy with’s QR codes

What best way to accompany your dinner than with wine. Red wine, white wine, any wine? Well, the decision has to do with the food you are having… and the climate… and the people you are with.

If you’ve ever happened to travel to Madrid, Spain; you surely visited Puerta del Sol. And of course you’ve happened to see the neon big board of Tío Pepe.

The local media solutions agency TMedia, introduced a new dimension to Tío Pepe’s wine labels. Much like Giovanni Rana’s use of QR’s, Tío Pepe is opening its doors to wine enthusiasts in order for them to find out about their history through information and virtual guided tours that are really breathtaking. All of this and much more using the power of dynamic QR codes, created via

Since the beginning of 2015, QR codes have proven very useful as means to provide enriching and enticing information about things that more often than not, pass though our eyes without any significance. Thanks to QR’s we are curious; we want to know what lies behind the code, and in this case, enjoy whatever’s left of this delicious wine.


A bit of Tío Pepe’s history

The winery that produces a special brand of Sherry (a fortified wine made from white grapes that are grown near the town of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain) was founded in 1835, started off with only ten barrels shipped to England, then grew to become one of the strongest winemakers in Europe with more than 4.000 acres of vineyards in Spain. More so, in 1955, the winery created the first private oenological research center to ensure their quality and development standards.


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