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Totally Ridiculous Ideas for QR Codes?

They said Columbus was mad for being the first human to eat a raw oyster and that no one could ever fake the Apollo moon landing. Well, they’ve been saying that QR codes are dead and have been since Cleopatra’s last tweet. Sometimes, the more ridiculous the idea, the greater it is.

Crazy is Good!

“Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementia” (there is no genius without a mixture of madness) ~ Seneca

So what incredible, crazy brainstorms have led to innovative uses for QR codes? Well, here are some highlights from some past articles:

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Are THESE Ideas Crazy?

This may seem silly, but that’s the point of this exercise. Come up with an outrageous scenario for QR code use and write it down. Step two is to wait and see if it comes into play. Here’s some of our step ones:

Outer Space Messaging

Send out gigantic QR code satellites into the deep reaches of space so other worlds with intelligent civilizations can scan them from their versions of the Hubble telescope. After that, it’s just them figuring out whatever language we use to encourage scanning the code, like “scan for discount Earth coupons.”

Then we need to hope for interplanetary wifi. That shouldn’t be a problem. My kid’s mobile devices all find wifi signals everywhere. The big question is; do we link the QR codes to Earth Facebook or Earth Instagram?

Kidnapped Scientists

Okay… let’s just say you’re a top scientist in sciensey stuff and you’re being kidnapped. How can a QR code save your life, find the kidnappers, indict their country of origin and open another ground war? Well, QR codes can do anything! Of course, being Einstein-kinda smart, you already know that and have figured out your first clue.

You’ve heard the kidnappers talking about where they are taking you. Although you’re blindfolded and your hands are tied behind your back, you know how to code a QR pattern. You feel around you for something that can be placed in a set pattern. You feel lots of small, hard objects and hope they are pebbles but you also hear a guinea pig squeaking in the room.

You use the hard objects to place them into the same order as the QR code for the town website, where the kidnappers are headed. Then, to help disguise the code you’ve made so the kidnappers don’t get wise to what’s going on, as well as to encourage the police, CIA, FBI and casual shoppers to scan the code, you make lettering out of the small objects that say, “scan for discount kidnapping coupons.”

The trail would lead on like that, with the scientist making QR codes out of stuff, sort of like MacGyver but without the copyright infringements that would come up.


Did I say “dating”? Oh, with the QR code of love, everybody will have a special someone, whether they like it, or not! Would people get the wrong idea if every citizen was forced to wear a QR code shirt with their information on the front and the back? What if you got discount dating coupons for scanning someone’s shirt QR code? This may sound more ridiculous than it seems, but let me assure you it’s ten times worse!

How often do we regret not saying hello to someone maybe hugging them. Maybe just crossing the line a little from the definitions of “hugging” and “restraining,” QR code love doctoring is truly the answer for those lonely, socially-awkward, slightly psychotic people to be able to find YOU for a life of love and running away. Imagine someone special, or rather “special” can easily have your address, name, social media accounts, bank, gym membership and even some harder to find information.

Sure, there are the nay-sayers who believe it’s a threat to our privacy, a really hideous fashion choice and mostly women who say they will respond by killing men they see on the street. As with anything new, it will take the public time to adapt.

QR Twitter

Why not have a site and news feed that is nothing by QR codes? To see a “QRweet” you have to scan it first. Although this makes no sense now, would the person who makes billions off the idea please give me at least a little money? I know this can work on some level!

Mandatory QR Code Tattoos

How many people go missing in the world in just one day? As cruel or anti-privacy or just plain crazy this idea might seem, in the place of DNA testing, which isn’t always 100% conclusive, nothing says proper link like a well-generated QR code… tattooed right on the cheek, so you can be traced through street cams and Google Glass if you go missing, or need to go missing. The government will know how to best use this.

The best thing is the QR codes can be beautified to make for a more attractive tattoo!


Yes, a delightful show for the children to help initiate them into the world of QR codes. With a happy staff of little colored helpers, the QRtubbies, they get into all kinds of mischief when they don’t use QR codes properly. Boys and girls at home can help the QRtubbies by scanning QR codes that appear on the TV screen to send clues straight to QRtubblies headquarters and the QR codes on mummy and daddy’s checkbook so funny green money goes to QRtubbies world bank!

The QRtubbies codes can stay in your mobile phones forever and one day, you might get a magical call from QRtubbies headquarters, commanding you to do something, like deliver a package, run your car into someone or take over the government of a neighboring country. There are tons of surprises when it comes to QRtubbies codes!

Where Does it End?

It doesn’t! If someone can think up QRtubbies, then what legitimate, innovative and crazy ideas are waiting out there? Steve Jobs put it best when it comes to those who innovate and why they are so special…

[pullquote]”Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”[/pullquote]

Yes. Here’s to the crazy ones. Now, go out there and be crazy with QR codes!

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