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Dynamic QR codes discounts christmas 2019

Merry Christmas time is almost here, and with it comes a new year; 2020. It sure sounds cool to say “twenty-twenty”, doesn’t it? For us, this upcoming year is truly special because it marks’s 10th anniversary! Our QR code generator has come a long way, and it would not have been possible without your continued support. THANKS A BUNCH!

Back to Christmas (since we do not want to jinx our birthday), we have decided to partner up with dear old Santa Claus to celebrate this joyous occasion. Brace yourselves; QR gifts are incoming!

Santa comes down the QR chimney

Until the 31st of December, you will be able to access special first-year discounts on all the plans of the best QR code generator. If you were thinking about upgrading your account, this is your chance! Here is a quick rundown of the available discounts:

STARTER plan 15% off

As the name suggests, the STARTER plan is dedicated to those who are starting up in the world of QR codes. You can create 2 dynamic QR codes and receive 10,000 scans per month.

STANDARD plan 20% off

The STANDARD is a phenomenal plan for small and medium businesses. It includes 100 dynamic QR codes and 100,000 scans per month.

PROFESSIONAL plan 30% off

Last but not least, our Most Popular plan: THE PROFESSIONAL!
This plan is not only famous for the number of dynamic QR codes it includes but also for having unlimited scans, advanced customization and tracking tools, and, most notably, its multi-user feature which is great for teams to manage different QR code projects.

If you want to know more about our plans and their features, click here. Remember you have until the 31st of December to use these awesome discounts ?

Christmas tree with QR codes

Having these special QR presents at the foot of your Christmas tree is just part one of the celebration. Gather round, friends; here are some QR code ideas to make this holiday season more productive and special.

Make XMAS all the merrier with QR codes

QR code uses are endless, that much is clear. The question is how QR codes can make this holiday season even more special than it already is. Well, let’s find out!

Greeting cards with QR codes

Family and friends rejoice; Christmas cards are getting an update. Sharing is caring, and greeting cards have been the number one means to reach out to loved ones all over the world. Now, thanks to the power of QR codes, you can make your card even more special and unique. By creating your own QR code and redirecting it to a funny YouTube video, or an audio file of your favorite Christmas carol, you can get into the holiday spirit in a whole new way.

Scavenger hunts with QR codes

Prepare to see your kids’ looks on their faces with this fun use of QR codes. First, log in to our QR code generator and create multiple QR codes, each connected to an image that shows where the next QR code is. Place these QR codes all over your house. And lastly, let the children scan them with a smartphone to find Santa’s bag of presents! This activity will not only make your kids laugh out loud with joy but will also teach them about QR codes and how they work in a friendly environment.

Now, let’s move on to some QR code uses that can benefit those that are looking to boost their marketing campaigns.

Mobile payment with QR codes

The ability to pay via a smartphone is not only secure but it is also fast. Mobile payment is here to stay and paired with QR codes, they can make the shopping experience less of a hassle, which totally is at this time of year. We all love Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but what we hate about them is the fact that we have to stand in long queues to make a purchase. Fact: 73% of US customers could “abandon their purchase if they had to queue for more than five minutes” (source). If you have a retail store, you can help your customers avoid lines by scanning the QR code of the product they want to buy and pay for it instantly.

Discounts with QR codes

Retail stores can also use QR codes as a means to provide their own Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas sales. With our QR code generator, you can create a QR code to a discount coupon that the customer can use in your store. Furthermore, you don’t have to have a dedicated page on your website to store the discount; we offer a QR code type called “Mobile page” that basically allows you to insert text, links, images and more. By using this type, you will not only boost your sales but also your brand identity by adding your logo, for example.

QR bells, QR bells ?

Another year, another QR code adventure. Thanks to the increasing use of QR codes for different purposes all over the world, it is safe to say that you can benefit from them as well. Whether for fun and games with family and friends or to create a marketing campaign around them, QR codes offer tons of possibilities and everyone, including Santa, knows about them. We all have our smartphones at the ready and scanner apps no longer need to be downloaded (most operating systems have built-in ones). All that it takes to scan a QR code is a catchy call to action. And to access something special and unique by scanning a QR code during this holiday season is the best call to action you can get!

PS: Do you want to know how to turn your smartphone into a QR code scanner? Check out our guide here. It is simple, fast and it will make you forget the hassle of downloading a scanner app. Welcome to the #PHYGITAL future ?

Featured image by bruce mars from Pexels

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