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Vileda’s Mop turned 40 and had a QR Code celebration!

It’s truly amazing how some people channel their imagination to find new and fun ways to use an already known technology. For these two are key to ensure that QR codes continue to gain traction and reject all those who believe that QR’s are dead or out of fashion.

Let’s take the case of Vileda, a Spanish brand of cleaning products that was responsible for creating the mop, cutting a cloth into strips and attaching it to a stick (the picture above speaks for itself).

This year marked the 40th anniversary of Vileda’s mop, and to commemorate it, the company released a campaign called THE BAD NEWS, a newspaper that makes a summary of the last 40 years of world history, divided into various sections and presented with elaborate detail, as the video below explains.

The funny thing is that the newspaper is for the company Vileda… and its use is not to inform, but for you to throw it to the floor after scrubbing and step on history while cleaning!

This great idea was promoted via QR codes that Vileda created, using‘s QR code generator, and launched with its products to promote the brand, in an ironic way of course.

Once again, following our goal to share fun uses for QR codes, we found that these, in this case, are fundamental to the development of brand identity, and Vileda was able recognize and exploit QR codes to their advantage.

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