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What is a QR code, aka QBar Code?
Everything you need to know

QR codes (sometimes referred to as QBar codes) are quick, responsive codes that people scan to get access to information.

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Originating in Japan’s automotive manufacturing sector in 1994 to keep track of parts, QR codes, or QBar codes, are now seen all around the world for numerous purposes. Once upon a time, you required specialized equipment to scan them, but now the phone in your pocket can unlock the information they contain.

That information can have up to 4,200 alphanumeric characters, including letters, numbers and other characters.

This makes QR codes perfect for things like marketing and promotion, particularly where you have limited space, like on printed material. QR codes allow you to convey a lot of information in a tiny space.

QR? QBar?

Technically they are a type of barcode, so some call them QBar code and some QR codes. As a Quick Response code, they add immense value to any campaign from marketing, promotional, communicational and more. QR codes or QBar codes are the next generation of barcodes, and our dynamic QR codes are here to help you boost your campaigns!

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Going from physical to the digital World

QR codes, aka QBar codes, are the number one solution that bridges the gap between the physical and the digital world.

While there are others like NFC, what makes QR codes stand out and tall from the rest is that they can be created and scanned by anyone. If you want to create one, you simply have to sign up to a QR code generator, like If you want to scan one, you need nothing but your trusty smartphone’s camera.

Moreover, dynamic QR codes are cost effective. If you want to update or change the content of your QR codes, you don’t have to reprint anything. They are recyclable and budget friendly 🙂.

Static vs Dynamic QR codes

Static QR codes encode the information directly into their patterns. This means that if you choose to create one of these codes, you won’t be able to update or change its content. But what if you do? Well, here’s where comes into play. Simply put, due to our innovative spirit, we pioneered the recyclable aspect of QR codes.

Known as dynamic QR codes, these little black and white puzzles are the ultimate type of QR code. First and most importantly because, as mentioned before, they are recyclable. Meaning that, yes, you can update the content or change it entirely even after printing the QR code. Is it magic? Well, it certainly looks like it. The science behind their dynamism is what links to QR codes.

Once created, a dynamic QR generates a short URL which works as a link to the chosen content. Aside from allowing the content to be updated or changed, the short URL of a QR code also keeps track of when and where it was scanned, as well as the number of scans it received. And all this statistical data is updated instantly.

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Types of dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes can be linked to one of many types of content. Here’s a quick look at all the types of content available:

Download file QR Code

More than a code, also a short shareable URL

Another great aspect of the short URL is that you are able to use it independent of the code, which makes it great for digital promotion where you don’t need the code. Clicking or tapping the short URL is the same as scanning it. (Also, you can edit the short URL to read whatever you want and even make it look like it comes from your website with white label masking.)

Have we mentioned that QR codes are completely customizable yet? Because they are. It’s possible to change the color and the shape, as well as adding a logo and a color gradient.

In addition to all that, dynamic QR codes also provide you with oodles of tracking information that will help you tweak your campaigns for better performance. They’ll tell you when and where they were scanned, along with the number of times they were scanned and the number of new scans they received.

Why do dynamic QR codes need a subscription?

  • You will have the option to update or change the content of your QBar codes whenever you want, even after printing them.
  • Retrieve the statistical data of your QR codes to know how well your campaigns are performing and improve them if necessary.
  • Fully customize the QR codes and their corresponding landing pages (the actual content).
  • Share the content of your QR codes online via their respective short URLs.
  • Change said short URLs to boost your brand identity via URL masking. For example: instead of using the standard short URL “”, you can change it to “”.
  • Count on our team with more than 10 years of QR code and mobile marketing experience to ask questions and get insights.
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Best uses and examples

QR codes can be used in any marketing or promotional campaign for a company, a nonprofit, a government entity or even for an artist or band. No matter what you’re promoting, QR codes can play a crucial role.
Here are some suggestions about how to use QR codes:

amazon product packaging

Product packaging

There is a lot of valuable real estate on your product packaging. Don’t let it go to waste. Print a QR code on your packaging that provides more information about the product. How-to videos, nutritional information, contests, coupons for future purchases, a direct connection to customer service, any of these and so much more are possible when you put a QR code on your product packaging.

Posters and brochures

Posters, brochures, ads, pamphlets, mail-outs and billboards all have limited space to use. If you have a lot of information to convey, it can be difficult to fit it all on while still maintaining a pleasing design.

That’s where QR codes come into play. They only take up a small amount of space, but since they take visitors to online resources, they essentially expand your printed promotional material beyond its physical limitations.

An App Store QR Code will take visitors to the appropriate app store depending what type of phone they use to scan it. iOS users automatically go to the Apple App Store while Android users go to the Google Play store.

Menu QR Codes can hold up to 10 different PDF or image file menus and let customers order via WhatsApp and let them leave a review on Google reviews.

PayPal QR Codes allow customers to pay for something via PayPal. Nonprofits can use them to collect donations right from their printed material.

These are just some of the ways you could use QR codes on your printed promotional material.

Public site

Public sites

Using QR codes in high-traffic areas is a fantastic way to get them scanned. Put them on bus stops, entrances to malls and other public places and anywhere else you can (legally) put a poster or a sticker.

Try to place them at chest or eye level so visitors can easily get their phones out and scan them.

Business cards

Add valuable information to your business cards, like a Google Maps QR Code that shows recipients exactly where your headquarters is. Or put a vCard QR Code on it so folks can simply scan you into their phone’s contacts list.

Put a Website QR Code on your business card so recipients can scan it to see your site or if you’re a job seeker, have a Download File QR Code with a PDF version of your resume attached to it.

Use the short URL in your email signature to get twice the usage out of it.

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How to read QR codes?

QR codes have to be read by a QR code reader and the good news is that almost everyone has one in their pocket. For years now, all smartphones have come equipped with a QR code reader in the camera app.

Even older phones that might not have a QR code reader built-in can have one downloaded as an app within seconds.

QR codes are so well designed that even if portions of them are missing, a QR code reader can still scan and read them.

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