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WhatsApp and its love for QR codes

If you are using WhatsApp on your computer is no surprise to you that you need to scan a QR code every time it gets disconnected from the web or the first time that you “install” WhatsApp on the internet.

WhatsApp is a free instant messaging and video call app used by more than a billion people in more than 180 countries around the world. With WhatsApp, you can send and receive text messages, images, documents and much more, and now, WhatsApp is taking its love for QR codes a step forward by implementing this square-shaped barcode to the contact list.

Adding contacts to WhatsApp with QR codes

WhatsApp will soon allow you to add contacts with QR codes, without without having to add a phone number. This option is already available, but only in group conversations, through URL invitations. Despite having this functionality already ready, at the moment it does not give us the possibility of adding users without knowing their phone number to be able to speak in private chats. This is something that will change soon as Facebook is preparing the option to add contacts by QR code.

You will add contacts with your mobile camera and WhatsApp

You can see this in the following tweet published in the WaBetaInfo account. It seems that this new function is not something that will come out imminently, but is designed to appear soon.

WhatsApp now predicts which photos you will send

The recognition of QR codes is something that is already integrated into the camera app of a large number of mobile devices, but in some models, we still have to resort to a third-party app to be able to scan this type of code. It should not be so in the case of WhatsApp since the app itself would include its QR code reader in a new section. That is, from the WhatsApp app itself we will have a section available to scan a QR code and, from here, add new contacts without knowing the phone number.

A ‘scanner’ of QR codes for the instant messaging app is on the way

The problem is that the phone number is an essential requirement to add other users. Sometimes we would like to start conversations without having to add numbers, simply because we may not want certain people to have an easy way to contact us. The anonymity is something that has taken force with the digitalization and internet and WhatsApp has not yet risen to that wave. While other applications allow you to add by ‘nickname’, as in the case of Telegram, or by a specific code, such as BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp still keeps in mind the phone number above all.

WhatsApp will soon allow you to chat with other users and you won’t need to save their phone number thanks to the use of QR codes.

Just a few days ago, we could also see that Mark Zuckerberg’s company had launched another option to talk with any WhatsApp user without saving their number. However, it is also necessary to have your telephone number, even if we use it only to open the conversation and it is not necessary to store it in the contact list.

WhatsApp and its love for QR codes

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To wrap up

QR codes are back, and services like WhatsApp are demonstrating that they are useful and can work very well to help you achieve new features and updates to ensure a better product. QR codes aren’t new to the instant-messaging app, but the team is making sure they stay and accomplish more and more to keep bringing good updates to the giant app.

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