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6 Reasons Why Having a QR Code on Your Business Card is a MUST!

Business Cards and Dynamic QR codes

Have you seen Augmented Reality business cards? Not the stunning examples on YouTube — have you ever been handed one while networking with someone? Not surprisingly, it’s a safe bet you haven’t unless it’s from someone who has an Augmented Reality production company.

Why, if it’s so cool and runs an entertaining and informative commercial for those who receive the business card, are they not all over the place? It’s because they are really, really expensive. QR codes are free and easily recycled, so why don’t you have one on your card?

A QR code on your standard-sized business card gives you an edge over the small piece of paper stock real estate, which holds barely a logo, company name, your name, address, assorted phone numbers, a website URL and two or three social media platform addresses.

Another problem with a printed business card, is that it can’t act as a link to your digital material. The simple addition of a QR code is the key to increase the information you can give to a potential customer.

There are more and more people putting QR codes on their business cards but they’re not taking full advantage of the power QR codes can unleash when it comes to marketing your company and services. The fact is, a QR code can give the same strong and effective sales pitch that Augmented Reality (AR) cards can, and make an easier and more effective trade of information than an NFC “bump” can provide through a mobile device.

Here’s a few ideas that will have you racing to find a free QR code generator:

  1. While an Augmented Reality card does have a certain “cool” factor, the results are essentially the same for running a “commercial” for your business with a QR code linked to a video placed on YouTube or your website. All you need is a good camera, sound microphone and a script and you are ready to go (instead of spending thousands of dollars to have an AR video produced.
  2. Having several smaller QR codes on your business cards gives the recipient several options for following you. Link one to each of your social media accounts for ease of building followers. Have your video viewers sign up for notices of future videos that will be linked through a recycled QR code on your card.
  3. People tend to scan in someone’s card or just throw it away (or lose it). The addition of a QR code raises the ratio of those who will bookmark your information/website/video sales pitch on their mobile device.
  4. A business card is a standard device to exchange contact information. Adding a QR code turns your tiny card into a marketing agency.
  5. By solely having your picture and a QR code on your business card, people will be forced to scan your business cards (a high ratio of scans happen because of curiosity about the link).
  6. QR codes can be created (“beautified”) with your logo intertwined, giving you more area on your business card for other codes and information.

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