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13 Great Reasons Why Packaging Needs QR Codes

They say, “good things come in small packages -packaging-.” Unfortunately, you really don’t know unless you have x-ray vision when buying the item.

Del Monte QR code promo in packaging

Everyone is used to seeing QR codes on burger boxes and cups at fast food places that link to nutritional information, and that’s a great use for QR codes. The links tell consumers facts they’d like to know about what’s inside the product… that will go inside of the consumer but some products need QR codes to tell undecided buyers what exactly they are getting and add information value to products that need an edge over numerous competitors while building consumer confidence and loyalty.

So, what uses are still untapped for QR codes on packaging? Here are a few ideas that will help drive sales by offering more value to any product:

  1. Make further pitches for the product that can’t be covered in a 30 second commercial (and it’s free!).
  2. Show what a product will actually do. A child wants a toy they see 87 times in one hour on a cartoon but they never noticed the small type at the bottom of the screen that says, “doll does not walk on its own” or “plane does not actually fly.” When they are throwing a fit at the toy store, a parent can show them a video linked to the QR code that shows how the toy actually works. It’ll save consumers from returning opened products the next day.
  3. Make product registration easy by using QR codes in packaging linked to a short form. Products that do this report a 40% rise in registrations, which translates to a larger consumer personal information collecting for future marketing efforts and loyalty sales.
  4. Link to consumer reviews of your product to make it stand out from competitors who don’t display their reviews.
  5. Offer free music downloads via a QR code inside the packaging of a CD, DVD, iPod or music player.
  6. QR codes linking to video instruction on furniture and items consumers have to build themselves. If you’ve ever opened a poorly written and illustrated instruction manual, you’ll certainly appreciate a video showing the actual parts and building  procedures. It also can be a green movement if you replace paper instruction with a video.
  7. Track which stores are selling more of your products via QR code scans, returning information from the consumer. This information will help you decide which marketing outreach is working best and which efforts need to be changed, increased or decreased.
  8. Make the link for a specific product include suggested additional purchases that compliment a current purchase before the buyer even goes to the cashier.
  9. With major concerns about Pacific seafood stocks possibly being irradiated from the ruptured nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan, a QR code on seafood packaging can help sales with information on where the product was caught (i.e., Gulf of Mexico shrimp, Atlantic Cod, etc.). Organic producers (different countries have different rules about what makes produce “organic”) have jumped on the QR code bandwagon so savvy shoppers can see where the produce is grown and how.
  10. Help consumers get creative with your product. White vinegar is, according to articles like ‘”Bajillion Uses for White Vinegar,” a miracle solution and no one really remembers the original use as to why it comes packaged. If you can brainstorm even an eighth of a bajillion uses for your product, then you are miles ahead of your competition… unless you compete against white vinegar.
  11. Use a QR code in packaging to send consumers to recipes for food products and increase the value of the product.
  12. Give buyers an instant discount coupon if they purchase your product.
  13. Give your customers the chance to win discounts, prizes, etc.

Desafio COCA-COLA Zero Argentina packaging

As with all uses for QR codes, the applications are only limited by your imagination. A little brainstorming can yield at least a dozen or so other great uses for QR codes on packaging. Using a beautified QR code can highlight your code placement without interrupting the design of your packaging. So, when it comes to using QR codes on packaging, pack in your fears and open up a new way to sell your product. Image ©GL Stock Images

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