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Form Your Own “QRmy” (Q-army) of QR Codes!

Dynamic QR sign

Yes, QR Codes can be fun, scannable, informative and completely unpredictable in how you use one. They’ve been added to the flat roofs of buildings but can’t be scanned from a plane and Google Earth can’t zoom in far enough. They’ve been put on the top of cupcakes, made from fine chocolate, which is eaten before it can be scanned. Now it’s time QR codes become wearable tech.

In our last article, we spotlighted some terrific custom designed QR codes. While thanking some of the contributors via Twitter, we discovered two things:

Most of the creators haven’t posted on Twitter for a year or more, and one had a really cool idea. Using the old “sandwich board” method of live advertising, they would create a QR code costume, made of a foam core board strapped to one’s face. You could create a front and back version with straps to go over a person’s shoulders and remain scannable up to 30 yards away.

Um, you could, of course, just take the QR code file to a large format printer and save some headaches.

Although they were touted as Halloween costumes and one can only wonder what you get when you scan those codes, it struck a chord with us that there could be QR code mascots! Using the same principle as the foam core boards, these mascots could wear big Mickey Mouse shoes and gloves, googly eyes and a big smile and logo. Have one walk in front of your business, go to fairs, conventions, the mall or buy them a ticket for the ball game and hope they make it on the air!

Better yet, have an army of them — a “QRmy!” Send your QRmy to large events. Create a parade of QR codes and give each mascot a nickname like… “Scanny” or… “Major QRcode” or… “Link.”

Sure, QR code T-shirts have always done well in crowd situations. The better choice of advertising, however, is the cute and cuddly mascot working the crowd. The good thing about that is while everybody may not want to scan the code live, you can bet everybody will want a photo of themselves with “Link” to post on Facebook… where all of their friends will see the photo and might just scan the code from there.

QR codes at the beach

It could happen! This only serves to remind us that QR codes have lots and lots of uses!

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