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A Smashing Success Story 💡🔨
How QR Codes Help a Family-Run Business Improve Emotional Health in Arizona.

Discover how Vincent and his wife Melissa managed to turn a family crisis into an incredible opportunity to help others and create an amazing business.
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Breakthrough Smash Room

Industry: Entertainment
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Company size: 11
Year founded: 2021

Have you ever heard of smash rooms? Smash rooms (also called rage rooms) are places where paying customers can go, gear up, enter a room and safely wreck, ravage, and basically disintegrate all kinds of objects contained therein with baseball bats or sledgehammers.

We’re talking electronics, pieces of furniture, household items. In some cases, you may also be allowed to bring your stuff to demolish – everything to release hidden anger and relieve stress and anxiety.

Don’t feel outdated if this unique type of business sounds entirely new to you. We, for example, just recently discovered it thanks to Vincent and Melissa, who have been using’s dynamic QR codes to digitalize their business.

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Vincent and Melissa came to run Breakthrough Smash Room in Phoenix, the only family-friendly smash room in the US that also has licensed therapists on-premise, in the most unpredictable way.

Just think that they’re well-established entrepreneurs on their own, with Vincent managing software company Founders Workshop and Melissa being the owner of Delegate It Solutions.

Enter the room

Everything started in February 2021, when Vincent and Melissa’s daughter wasn’t in a good place emotionally. These last couple of years have taken a psychological toll on all of us. But tough times can be extremely tough – and painful – for the most sensitive people.

Things for her were getting from bad to worse when a therapist suggested visiting a smash room. You need a guardian angel sometimes. Even better if it’s an angel that thinks out-of-the-box. They decided to give it a try. In Vincent’s own words, “when she was finished smashing, she visibly looked happy and healthy!

It may sound like the plot of a Christmas tale, but that was the actual genesis of Breakthrough Smash Room. Happy parents again, they thought to themselves, “if smashing can make a person feel so great, we want to open a smash room and bring this experience to communities around Arizona!

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QR codes as growth enablers

Opened in September 2021, Vincent and Melissa’s venue is now a successful business, in the process of expanding to three more locations in Arizona and relying on’s dynamic QR codes for crucial functions in operations and marketing.

Visitors must sign a liability waiver before entering the room. At Breakthrough Smash Room, they can do it upon arrival by scanning a QR code, without printing out anything in advance. “By having a QR code posted in our main lobby at our reception desk, our guests can sign in much faster,” says Vincent, “it’s a HUGE time saver for us.”

On the other hand, one of the most effective ways to promote a local business is by triggering word-of-mouth: people recommending a shop, a restaurant, or a venue to their friends and acquaintances – or rating them on a platform like Google, for everybody to know about their excellent experience. Our dynamic QR codes help Vincent collect those valuable reviews: happy customers can scan a Google Reviews QR code on their way out to directly give Breakthrough Smash Room five stars.

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But this is just the beginning: “we plan to use QR codes in the future for special events, special upgrades to our packages, and also for hiring,” adds Vincent, “we want to spread the word about smash rooms and help people in need.”

And we’ll be here to help you with our safe solutions to connect digital content with the real world, Vincent 💪

Who else is wishing that Breakthrough Smash Room arrives in your city? 🤚

The tools

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